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The Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500 in 2021 with buying guide

If you want to get the best gaming experience, then you must have a capable gaming laptop. Although gaming laptops are expensive but if you have at least $1500 in your pocket, then I assure you that you can find the best gaming partner for you under this budget. So without further delay, let's get into the list.

Laptops 09 Dec,2020 by Techies Classic

The best laptops for computer science Students: Buyers Guide

A computer professional cannot master the craftsmanship of computing without possessing a highly functional laptop. The hefty coding, programming, and web development will utterly access your laptop performance. To outshine in your class assessments, assignments, and examination, you need to get your hands on a swift device to please your needs.Read out more to find out

Laptops 08 Jan,2021 by Techies Classic

How to charge a laptop without a charger?

Have you lost your laptop charger or accidentally break it brings you in an infuriating situation? Don’t worry; calm down. You can charge your laptop without a standard charger. It would help if you learned some ways. It’s relatively easy, but your laptop's original chargers are specially designed to charge without the risk of overheating or exploration. 

Laptops 21 Jan,2021 by Techies Classic

How to connect the laptop to Vizio smart tv wirelessly

It's amazing to sit on your sofa watching movies, stream videos, or a video chat conference. But connecting your laptop with smart tv through the wire can be a bit messy—that’s why you want to connect your laptop to Vizio wirelessly. Now you are wondering how to connect the laptop to Vizio smart tv wirelessly, don’t worry in this article we are going to tell you several ways for this regard.

Laptops 04 Feb,2021 by Techies Classic

Best laptop for AutoCAD in 2021

With the advancement of technology, an engineer's practical and paper working changed into software work and became much more comfortable. Important software for this case is Autodesk Auto CAD. It is the backbone of the designing and construction Industry. Based on processor models, performance, displays, battery life, and other specifications, we will rank some of the best laptops for AutoCAD in this article. We are going to have an in-depth exploration of all items!

Laptops 06 Feb,2021 by Techies Classic

What to do if my laptop only works when plugged in?

Are you wondering to know why your laptop shut down when you unplugged charging even though it’s fully charged? So, you will be delighted to know we’re going to show you some ways to fix this problem along with some battery suggestions! Read more 

Laptops 02 May,2021 by Techies Classic

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool? 11 effective methods

The best way to keep your gaming laptop cool is by making sure that you have sufficient ventilation surrounding it and leaving it on a hard surface. Do check out the best cooling pads for your gaming laptop

Laptops 17 Sep,2021 by Techies Classic

A Beginners Guide to MacBook trackpad gestures and Commands

Make use of Mac’s unique touchpad or mouse commands to make the most of your computer. Knowing these commands can improve your Mac experience. Read more and find out!

Laptops 29 Sep,2021 by Techies Classic

Are gaming laptops worth it? Lets find out

Do you want to know are gaming laptops worth it? This blog post will help answer that question. Its common misconception that gaming laptops are only for hardcore gamers

Laptops 16 Oct,2021 by Techies Classic

Why is my laptop battery draining so fast?

Have you ever had your laptop battery dies right in the middle of using it? It's more than just inconvenient. It can be frustrating. That's why here are the tips to get the most out of your battery and avoid draining fast.

Laptops 03 Nov,2021 by Techies Classic

How To Build A Gaming Laptop? A Brief Guide

Building a gaming laptop will be a great idea if you want to experience the desktop-like experience at home. You should have to look for the best hardware and accessories required when building a laptop. In this article, we'll be answering all your questions related to the topic and categorizing the steps and accessories that you'd follow to get your perfect system established. Stick to this article for further guidance.

Laptops 30 Dec,2020 by Shahrukh Khan Jadoon

Best laptop buying guide for university students – Infographic

Well! Buying a gaming laptop or a normal laptop for day to day tasks is not big rocket science. Yet, you need to focus on some features like performance rate (processor type), RAM, ROM, Connectivity, battery life, screen type, and operating system. Don't worry! We'll discuss all of them. Read more

Laptops 11 Mar,2021 by Shahrukh Khan Jadoon

Best laptop to replace desktop in your workplace in 2021

If you’re looking to transform your dream into reality by replacing your desktop with a laptop, then you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll be discussing the best laptop that can fit right ahead of your desktop and how it can worth your decision in 2021? So, without waiting more, let’s get straight into it!

Laptops 07 Apr,2021 by Shahrukh Khan Jadoon