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HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working? Fix it now!

Game sound is one of the most important parts of gaming, and to provide you with the best gaming sound experience. Despite this, we often see some users complaining that my HyperX cloud stinger mic is not working. If your HyperX cloud stinger mic is not working anymore, then stay calm as we are about to guide you through a series of steps that you need to follow to fix your microphone without damaging it.

Headphone 19 Dec,2020 by Techies Classic

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming in 2021- A Right Guide

Gaming headsets are intended to permit you to hear sound and virtual encompass sound. ... Most gaming headsets have either a removable or retractable amplifier. On the off chance that you need, you can utilize them as a typical ordinary headset. Gaming headsets give you the most for your cash.

Headphone 15 Feb,2021 by Techies Classic

How loud are open back headphones?

Most users are interested in how much sound leakage there is with open-back headphones. W have got all covered. Read and find out

Headphone 02 Nov,2021 by Techies Classic

The ultimate list of different types of keyboards

The ergonomic design of this keyboard makes it suitable for long hours of use - like typing in office settings or gaming at night. It also has quiet keys that make less noise during service and LED backlighting and multimedia controls (for convenience). The user can also choose from three different colours for this keyboard - black, blue and red.

Headphone 21 Nov,2021 by Techies Classic