How To Allocate More Ram To Steam Games

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Steam is the most popular application for every gamer. Most gamers installed Steam on their Laptops or PC for better gaming. Perhaps they are facing performance issues after installing, such as Leggy games or low FPS problems.

They may lag in games due to internet connection problems, but a slow network does not cause low FPS issues. Many PCs fail to keep up with the game due to lagging; that's why you need more RAM to steam games.

Before starting this article, we tell you that there is no manual way to allocate more RAM to Steam games. But you can try several ways to clear up RAM to steam games. Moreover, all the games in your steam account are 32Bit applications, and they can't utilize more than 2GB RAM. Also, allocating more RAM would not make your games run faster as the developers put RAM limitations in the game.

Still, there are several ways to allocate ram. We discussed most of them in the article. So, without any long discussion, Let’s dive in!

Table of content

  • Will our games run fast by allocating more RAM?
  • How to allocate more RAM to steam games
  • How much RAM is Required for stream gaming?
  • Other ways to improve your steam game performance
  • How to upgrade the performance of games on Steam
  • Conclusion

Will our games run fast by allocating more RAM?

Of course, by increasing computer RAM, video streaming improves a lot. Same in the case of gaming, if your device does not have enough RAM, your game takes frequent breaks to load while steaming.

Perhaps RAM helps to handle playback processes and preloading the content before it plays. Therefore, you need to allocate more RAM to steam games. Still, the question is how to give more RAM to steam games? Don't worry; keep reading this article to get your answer.

How to allocate more RAM to steam games

You cannot add more RAM to a program, but you can try our tricks to enhance the performance. All the tricks are merely helping your operating system to identify which program needs priority when allocating its resources.

If you have the budget, then better upgrade your PC with 16GB RAM; it will help multitask. If not, then better to close the unwanted background apps to Increase RAM to steam games.

Allocate more RAM to Steam games; you need to follow these steps.

  • Step 1.

Open the game where you like to allocate more RAM, then right-click on the “WINDOW TASKBAR” and choose “Window Task Manager” from the menu box.

Window Task Manager

  • Step 2

Open the “PROCESSES” tab and scroll down; after scrolling, a list will appear. Through the list to your program process, select the method you want, click and select “PROPERTIES” When done, close the properties dialogue box.

  • Step 3

This is the easiest step to right-click on the process again. Move your cursor towards the “SET PRIORITY” option. Choose the default option standard, but mostly it is already selected. Select “ABOVE NORMAL” or HIGH to allocate additional RAM to your process.

  • Step 4

After all, steps close to the “TASK MANAGER." You are done.

The second trick might be helpful to add somehow RAM in the program you choose.

  • Click on the “application launcher” it will allow your program to run as an Administrator.

Running as an administrator allows your operating system to communicate better with the program.

Allocating more RAM to a game:

Most of us believe that getting more RAM in a game will help get smooth and better gaming sessions. Unfortunately, most of us don't have enough money to add more RAM to our PC or laptops.

But, if you spend a lot of money on allocating RAM to steam games, it can improve gaming performance.

But you cannot manually allocate more RAM to a particular program, application or game. Because software developers or game makers already have fixed RAM. Manufacturers allocated the amount of which RAM their game will need.

Later on, the game design communicates with your operating device and requests the number of RAM its needs from the remaining RAM you have left. All of the communication is done automatically as it’s a background process.

It's terrible news that you can’t allocate more RAM to stream games, but you can free up Your RAM usage. It's simple by closing any of your background applications that eat up your RAM.

Check all of your background applications along with GPU and CPU combinations. We have noticed that you can’t allocate more RAM in a program. If you do, then the results are not significant because the developers set the limitations for the game.

How much RAM is Required for stream gaming?

The best suggestion for this question is to visit the game on your Steam. On the game information page, you will get much RAM required to play this game. All of that information is provided by the game makers.

Anyone could not know the gaming more than its manufactures, so visit the game profile on your stream to get the answer—every game requires double RAM, as mentioned by the game maker in the game information section.

Let’s suppose the game maker states the required RAM of a game is 4GB. It means you need 8GB of RAM to play it.

If you have a double amount of RAM, then you have a smooth and fantastic gaming experience. In short, your operating system must have 8 GB for steam games without any background applications. However, for running background apps with steam games, you must have 16GB RAM. However, you need 128 GB RAM for heavy games. We recommend you go with a better GPU with more RAM.

Other ways to improve your steam game performance

Here are the best ways to improve your FPS for steam games such as Pubg, Terraria, GTA, Team Fortress, Rainbow, six Siege, ARK, Dota, Go, CS, and War frame many others.

  • Optimize your launch option on Steam for better performance:

Open the “steam library" and click on the game you are playing, then select "properties" and click on "Set Launch Option." And change the screen refresh rate to 144.

  • Set the Resolution at the lowest rate

Set the resolution level at the lowest from the game settings. It will help to enhance the FPS by 50% more. Improve your FPS in steam games by disabling unwanted visual effects and use DirectX as an engine instead of OpenGL. Furthermore, to avoid a lot of blur in your steam games, check your RAM, GPU Speed, and CPU performance.

  • Add more RAM

The more RAM you have, the better it is to run steam games. If you have RAM of fewer than 8 Gb, then you need to invest in your device. The quality and price of memory will give an idea of its cost and performance. The reliable brands for memory sticks are G.skill, Mushkin, Micron, Kingston, OCZ, Samsung, Hynix, XTremeDDR, and Corsair.

  • Do a Disk cleanup
  • Click right on your device and select "Properties."
  • Then click on "Disk, clean up."
  • Then click on "Ok."

How to upgrade the performance of games on Steam

For this purpose, carefully check the gaming requirements and fulfill all of them. Make sure you achieve all of the needs related to CPU, RAM or GPU. Most games have various conditions, so carefully read all of them to get the desired results.

Then notice that your system is not throttling very hot because it will affect the quality of performance. Then open the “task manager” to close all the unnecessary apps to get better RAM.

After that, set your PC to allow a low level because performing a high level beyond the PC will affect your FPS.


We concluded that you couldn't allocate more ram to steam games. As it's not possible manually, but you can close all of the background or unnecessary apps to get more RAM. Most of the background apps or running software on the startup might be eating your RAM. However, background apps must be the reason for leggy games or low FPS and affect your PC's performance during games.

Furthermore, we recommend you add 8GB ram to your operating system. It's enough to play most of the games smoothly. For the happiness of the next couple of years, you should add 16GB RAM to your system, but if your budget allows you to do so, otherwise, 8 GB is enough.


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