Best laptop buying guide for university students in 2023 – Infographic

Best laptop buying guide for university students in 2023 – Infographic

We can't deny the significance of a laptop in students' life, especially after the pandemic. The importance of choosing the best laptop enables you to complete your assignment, projects, and college work efficiently. Isn't it? Like most students, if you're searching for something light and portable, assisting you in daily tasks? Yet, it'll help you in solving your multimedia tasks – efficiently.

Do you know? Buying the right laptop is a crucial decision as it takes all of your hard-saved money, so be wise to select something that'll serve you for the entire academic session. However, you'll find a ton of laptops out there on the market, making it difficult to choose for you to select from while looking at your needs? Well! To solve your query, we're going to discuss some crucial features you can follow in choosing your best laptop in 2021.

As tech enthusiasts, we can understand that everyone wants the best performance device. While some are short on budget – relating it – we're going to mention 6 essential factors you can look at as a student. Moreover, these laptop features will fall under the $600 price range. Without creating more suspense, let's get straight into it!

How to choose a laptop for a college or university?

Well! Buying a gaming laptop or a normal laptop for day-to-day tasks is not big rocket science. Yet, you need to focus on some features like performance rate (processor type), RAM, ROM, Connectivity, battery life, screen type, and operating system. Don't worry! We'll discuss all of them step-by-step below.

Now, selecting these features, order the best laptop for yourself. Whereas, if you can't afford expensive laptops – we recommend you to check out the best Chromebooks for students. However, these fewer budget laptops are less rugged than other options. Yet, they can meet your institution's needs until your niche gets too technical, like Engineering.

The research shows that the number of Chromebooks shipped globally in 202o was over 20 million, with a 17 % increment from the previous year.

Laptop buying guide for university students – Infographic

laptop buying guide for university students

Here, while concerning your college need, we'll be discussing the top factors to look at as a student while choosing a laptop for yourself!

  1. 1 Processor
  2. 2 RAM and ROM 
  3. 3 Size and Display
  4. 4 Battery life
  5. 5 Operating system
  6. 6 Connectivity

1 Processing Power

Processing power is the primary factor that you need to focus on as it's associated with your task's performance. Often, you're tired of not meeting the deadlines. Therefore, fast and efficient processors enhance your productivity, and you can perform well. However, faster processors may be expensive, yet you can choose your desired one while considering the budget – affordability.

Do you know? If you can't complete your assignments before time, how can you get time to enjoy your fun time? This's why find a machine with better productivity.

A fast processor also ensures to run of third-party software, essential to accomplish your tasks – especially when you're a university student – working off to get your degree.

The best processing laptops may include fast dual-core CPUs, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7 (11th generation). 

2 RAM and ROM

While after looking at a processor, the next thing you can choose is RAM. Apart from the processor, RAM also plays a significant role in enhancing the performance rate. The ideal RAM for most students recommended is 4GB, while it can go up if you're looking for a laptop for some heavy tasks. Like in the case of engineers, they need to run software such as AutoCAD and Adobe; for this, it can be increased to 8GB or even 16GB.

Moreover, some students may ask how much storage will suit our college. Though it may depend on a student's requirement, the average ROM of 520GB would be enough for regular use.

3 Battery life

We can't ignore the fact that a laptop sticks with a student for usually 6 hours. Therefore, they can't get it for charging during their session or classes. This's why long battery life is necessary for students. In contrast, the recommended battery life for the best laptop for students is 9+ hours because it can serve you after the end of your session or if a session extends. To ensure a battery life stays, as mentioned on a manufacturing notebook, read reviews of other people who've tested it. This may save you time and money. 

4 Screen size and display

Ideal screen size and type is best for portability as we're buying it for your classes.

Ideal Screen Size:

The portable laptops usually have a screen size ranging from 11 to 14 inches. While you can still enjoy the same specs of bigger screen laptops. These laptops are claimed to have lightweight and can be easily taken anywhere. They probably weigh somewhere between 2.5 – 4 pounds.

However, if you don't want to take your laptop along with you, just want to work at home, then you can enjoy a bigger laptop screen from 15.6 to 17.3 inches. While weight slightly increases to above 5 pounds.

Screen Display:

However, screen display doesn't matter a lot, yet some people want to enjoy a better screen experience. The more pixels you choose, the more apparent or sharper the content you'll see. Some budget laptops still offer a 1366 x 768 pixels display, yet you can have a better display 1080p (1920 x 1080) by putting in some extra pennies. At this full resolution, you can enjoy enhanced display quality.


For a typical student, laptop graphics are not considered vital. Yet, it allows better and smoother display with advanced graphic card abilities and increases image production quality. Most budget laptops are offered with integrated graphics cards suitable for students' needs.

5 Choosing an operating system

However, among all, this is a crucial step. In this step, you'll have to choose the best operating system for your educational purpose. You can choose your desired operating system from the below.

Window Operating System

Do you know? Windows is also a universal operating system, as most laptop models are manufactured under it. However, some use Chrome OS and macOS, yet it's the simplest and most flexible for others. The latest Windows 10 version offers multiple advanced features like the visibility of different modes, the Cortana digital assistant, and a refurbished start menu.

Why do we recommend it for students?

The Windows 10 version offers more functionality and is easy to use. It can run software, research, create sheets, and create assignments.

1 Chrome OS

Chrome OS was initially just limited to Google apps. Still, with the recent advancement now, it also allows other Android apps. It established this system to help students to do their research and perform their tasks proficiently. However, its user interface resembles Windows, yet it has some distinct features like Google Apps and Google PixelBook. Samsung Chromebook 3 is viable among them.

The best thing about it is that they're highly portable and light-weighted with shorter screen sizes. This can be the right choice until you want to run 3rd party software.

2.Apple macOS

This operating system is offered by a top company, Apple, used in their latest laptops. However, this system does well if you're familiar with it. Otherwise, the Windows operating system is better among all. Moreover, you'll get an additional Siri option instead of Cortana's digital assistant. Performance-wise, it's also best but a bit complex in usability.

6 Connectivity:

While, if you're up for something special, then we'd recommend you to choose a laptop with the latest connection facility i-e, 4G LTE, and 5G. Consequently, you'll need to buy a subscription for data, yet it'd be the right investment – you can enjoy a wireless internet connection even away from the router—faster connectivity helps students, especially when researching or working online. To buy a laptop with this feature, check modern options like Wi-Fi 6.

Moreover, you can also look for other connectivity options such as Bluetooth, headphones, and a USB panel. This can allow you to share, listen, and store information. 

Can I get a discount - I'm a student?

Yes, most companies offer a discount to students. Besides it, you can also consult your campus bookstore. You may ask if they can provide any discount for educational purposes. We can observe that some may offer up to a 10% discount. This can trim off 50-100 $ from the original price.

Moreover, you can also get a discount on online bookstores by providing your college promo code. For example, Apple is offering a massive cut on its 13 in MacBook Air of $399 i-e, $900 out of $1,299. You can also find special discounts available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. 

Do I need a laptop for college while having a PC?

Yes, as a student laptop is an essential tool that serves you in and out of the home. Because PCs are made to stay in a single place, while laptops are portable – they can be carried anywhere. Laptops' compact structure, flexibility, and lighter weight have made them superior to desktops. We've seen many students that have found laptops the best alternative to desktop PCs. Yet, we can't deny that they are more powerful.


A laptop is essential for most students who want to pursue their academic careers successfully. Undoubtedly, technological advancement has made it easier for students to complete their tasks – efficiently. To make the laptop buying or choosing process easier for students, we've mentioned 6 steps you can follow to avoid mistakes. As these laptops stay with you for the many upcoming years, you've to choose the right and best laptop for you.

To sum up the entire above process, all you need is a laptop with 4GB RAM, a 520GB Hard drive, an Intel dual-core processor, and an 11-14 inch screen display with full resolution. These specifications may cost around $600, and you'll soon land the best one. Good Luck! If you find this article valuable, comment and share it with your college friends.

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