How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool? 11 effective methods

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool? 11 effective methods

Being a gamer, I don't know about you, but my laptop is my best friend. It's always there to play with me when no one else will, and it never tells me, put the controller down and go outside. However, not everyone has been as lucky as me in this regard. There are many people out there looking for a way to keep their gaming laptop cool so that they can enjoy playing games on it for hours upon hours without any problems whatsoever.

Well, look no further. I have just the thing for you! In this blog post, we're going to talk about how to keep your gaming laptop cool so that you can game all day long without interruption or worry of overheating hardware. Let's get started!

What is a gaming laptop?

There are many different kinds of laptops out there that people use for gaming, but the most commonly known one is probably the "gaming laptop." This type of laptop is quite popular because it's basically like a regular laptop, but with super-powerful hardware to make sure you get ultimate gaming performance.

These laptops are usually more expensive than regular ones since they have the most powerful hardware available. However, it's always a great idea to buy one if you're a gamer looking for a device that can play all your favourite games with ease.

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Why does my gaming laptop overheat?

Well, there are many reasons why your gaming laptop might overheat. There are many cases where it could be your environment, such as a lack of airflow or dust, which we'll discuss in the next section. But there are also many other cases where it could be something else entirely!

How to keep your gaming laptop cool. 11 Ways

Keeping your gaming laptop cool is simple if you follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Get a laptop cooling pad for your gaming laptop.

This is probably the most effective way to keep your laptop cool when you're playing games. You can get any cooling pad you want, such as a cheap $10 one or an expensive $100 one. The price doesn't really matter so much because it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day, as always. Following are the best laptops cooling pads you can opt for!

1. havit HV 5.6"-17" Laptop Cooling Pad

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool? 11 effective methods

havit HV 5.6"-17" Laptop Cooling Pad

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The HAVIT Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Ultra-quiet fans and 5 USB ports not only helps you relieve neck and back discomfort by optimizing ergonomics but also provides a better airflow that will keep your laptop cool? I mean, who wants an overheated laptop anyways! Shop now

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2. ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6-17.3 Inch

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool? 11 effective methods

ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6-17.3 Inch

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The ICE COOREL keeps your laptop cool and protected. This cooling pad features 6-cores deep voltage fans that generate 35 CFM, effectively spreading air to reduce the temperature of your device. Its strong height adjustment support ensures the perfect height for usage, while its anti-slip baffles lessen sliding effects when in use.

A multi-colour LCD screen displays all the information you need about RPMs, lights mode, USB ports, and more with an easily adjustable interface on sleek flat lines in order to keep it stylish at every angle.

Overall this is a must-have product for anyone who's looking for some extra zing when using their computer! With iced colours abound I'm sure you can feel its cold design!

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3. KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool? 11 effective methods

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

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It's time for a KLIM Wind, one of the most important gears in every techie's inventory! This cooling pad will effectively cool down any performance laptops with 4 quiet fans spinning up to 1200 rotations per minute. If your laptop is overheating and the performance is dropping, the KLIM Wind's cooling action will enhance its efficiency!

The durability is comfortable due to its lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around when needed. With two USB ports for all charging needs, you'll never have that passive feeling again by having an inadequate amount of

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4. TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool? 11 effective methods

TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad

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Your laptop will never overheat again with TopMate's C5 Laptop Cooling Pad! It's perfect for any job that requires long hours of computer use. This cooling pad is designed ergonomically to provide comfort and be non-slip. It offers switch control options, two modes (fan speed), and a LED light. If you're looking for the best way to keep your laptop cool, this is it."

Your life would be 10x more productive if it didn't constantly stop because your dying battery or overheating laptop are making these games not fun at all! The solution? TopMate's C5 Laptop Cooling Pad! With its high-speed fan, ergonomic design,

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It comes with small LCD screen

  • Clean your laptop's fan regularly

It's no big secret that if you want to keep something cool, you should clean it. Over time, the dust and dirt will accumulate on the fans of your laptop, which over restricts airflow. When this happens, it leads to overheating hardware and stops proper cooling, which can lead to some pretty bad issues for both the laptop and the gamer.

So how to make sure that this never happens? Well, if you own a laptop or desktop computer of any kind, get yourself a can of compressed air and spray your fan every couple of months. It may take you some time but trust me- it's worth

  • Install a program that monitors and controls your computer's temperature to prevent it from overheating

This is another great way to keep your gaming laptop cool, and it's pretty simple. All you've to do is download a free program that will monitor the temperature of your hardware. If it ever gets too hot, the software will automatically decrease how much load is being put on your CPU or GPU to prevent damage, which could shorten your laptop's lifespan. Most programs like this will not allow you to decrease the temperature by too much, so it's okay, but enough that they'll still run smoothly.

  • Don't install any unnecessary programs on your device as these can increase its temperature as well as slow down performance

Nobody likes to have their computer perform slower than it should, especially not gamers. To avoid having your laptop slow down your gaming experience, don't install any unnecessary programs on your device, increasing its temperature and decreasing performance.

  • Keep your gaming laptop away from direct sunlight because this will cause it to overheat more quickly than usual

This is a pretty simple tip which you should always keep in mind; make sure that your laptop stays out of direct sunlight when you're using it because this can cause overheating to occur faster than usual.

If you want a fantastic performance from your device and get the most use out of it possible, try not to let it get too hot. This will help you keep your laptop cool and keep it performing at its best for as long as possible.

  • Use an external fan if needed

In some cases, it can be necessary to use an external fan to help keep your device cool. As per my experience, this usually happens if you're running a very demanding program on your laptop that stops it from cooling properly due to the increased demand for resources. Just remember that in most

  • Make sure you have sufficient ventilation around your computer to prevent overheating

If you're planning on using your laptop for long periods, make sure that you have sufficient ventilation in the area surrounding your device to prevent overheating from occurring. It'll help keep things cool and allow them to remain in proper working condition for as long as possible.

  • Upgrade the cooling system of your device if necessary

This is an example of what you can do if none of the other tips has worked for you. If you feel that there's nothing else you can do to keep your laptop cool, consider upgrading its cooling system by either adding another fan or replacing your current one with a better one. It'd be a little bit more expensive, but it could save you from having to buy an entirely new laptop if your old one gets too hot.

  • Put it on a hard surface, avoid carpet or fabric

It may seem like a good idea to put your gaming laptop on top of the rug or bedspread, but this is one of the worst things you can do. Putting your device on a soft surface like carpet or fabric will prevent air from flowing underneath and keep it from cooling down as effectively as it should be.

On the other hand, putting your laptop on a solid hard surface will allow air to flow underneath and provide the cooling that it needs. Other than that you can even choose a laptop desk for yourself.

laptop desk

  • Don't put your laptop next to anything that emits heat, like a heater or TV

If you're planning on playing with your laptop for long periods, do not put it next to anything that emits heat because this can cause overheating. It doesn't matter if the heat source is a TV or a heater. Just make sure you don't put your laptop near any heaters or similar appliances.

  • Avoid using multiple programs simultaneously

If you want to keep the laptop cool and avoid putting too much strain on its resources, try not to use a bunch of different programs simultaneously. This can cause its resources to be spread too thin, and it will prevent your laptop from cooling down properly.

If you want the best possible performance, try to avoid using multiple programs at once when you're using your device. It's not a bad thing if you need to use multiple programs, which is why I'm bringing this tip up in the first place. It's just an important thing to keep in mind when you're trying to keep your device cool.


In summary, the best way to keep your gaming laptop cool is by making sure that you have sufficient ventilation surrounding it and leaving it on a hard surface. Try not to use too many programs at once and remember that using a cooling pad could also help.

Remember that these tips should be used as recommendations and won't necessarily work for everyone because everyone's situation is slightly different. Hopefully, this has been helpful and if you enjoyed my article, be sure to check out my others blogs! :)

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