Why is my laptop battery draining so fast?

Why is my laptop battery draining so fast?

Have you ever had your laptop battery dies right in the middle of using it? It's more than just inconvenient. It can be frustrating. That's why here are the tips to get the most out of your battery and avoid draining fast.

Here are some reasons your laptop battery draining so fast!

1. Laptop display brightness is high

Laptop display brightness

High brightness can make your laptop battery drain faster, which is a problem if you're working outside or in a bright environment, for this reason alone.


Lower the laptop display brightness. It is kind of obvious, but it's one of the most effective ways to extend your laptop battery life.

2. Software updates issue:

When you download the updates on your laptop, make sure they are free of bugs or glitches. Note that even minor software glitches can use up lots of battery power. This is why it's very important to thoroughly check all of the updates before actually installing them on your device.


Be aware of all the updates you download to your laptop. Please make sure they are bug-free before installing them. Otherwise, if there are software issues after updating, you may have to reset your device back to factory settings so you can save your data

3. Battery Issue

Laptp battery issue

At times, your laptop battery might be the issue. For example, if you ever notice that your laptop's battery percentage jumps down quickly (say from 50% to 0% in 30 seconds) after using the laptop for some hours, then it is most likely that there is an actual problem with your battery.


You will need to replace your laptop's battery with a new one. You can check out the best replacement batteries here.

4. Hardware issue on the motherboard

Many factors can lead to your laptop battery draining so fast. One of them is a hardware issue on the motherboard. If it seems that your laptop battery is experiencing issues after updating any software or firmware


It's time for a laptop motherboard replacement. Many components on the motherboard can cause this type of issue, such as the CMOS battery or the brightness sensor.

5. Virus or malware running in the background of the laptop

There are kinds of malware out there, which can drain your laptop battery for no reason at all. Make sure to use an antivirus program or software that will detect any threats running on your computer system.


You will need to check for any virus or malware that might be running on the background of your laptop. If you notice a malicious program is running, delete it immediately and find antivirus software to protect and clean your device from now on.

6. Using an external device such as speakers, headphones

Sometimes it's easy to forget that other devices are connected to your laptop. Using an external device such as speakers or headphones while the laptop is in sleep mode will drain the battery because the laptop remains on.


To extend the laptop battery life, make sure to turn off any connected external device before you close your laptop.

7. Overheating from prolonged use

Using your laptop for gaming for hours straight can cause it to overheat, which in turn will cause the battery to drain faster than usual. Make sure that you give your laptop a break every so often so it can cool down and recharge. When using your laptop, be sure to position it


Make sure that your laptop doesn't overheat. If it does, give it a short break to cool down and recharge its battery again. You can choose any laptop cooling pad to avoid overheating issues

8. External Battery or Extended Battery

There are a lot of solutions when it comes to laptop battery issues. One of these is an external battery. These types of batteries can be used if your laptop has problems with its original battery and you don't want the downtime.


You can easily find extended batteries for your laptop on sites such as eBay or Amazon. Before purchasing one, though, make sure to check the compatibility of the battery. Otherwise, using an incorrect battery might damage your laptop's motherboard.


Laptop batteries need extra care and attention when they start to fail. If you feel, your laptop battery is acting up, go over the above list and see if any apply. If you come across a solution, follow the steps provided so your laptop can get back on track for better battery life.

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