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How Long Does It Take To Build A Pc?

Do you desire to build or buy a gaming pc? Though people often ask how long does it take to build a gaming pc? Well, all It depends on the amount of experience or knowledge you have, but if you are a newbie, we've made it easier for you. You won't be disappointed with the design and experience it is going to provide you.

PC 25 Jan,2021 by Techies Classic

How To Allocate More Ram To Steam Games

Steam is the most popular application for every gamer. Most gamers installed Steam on their Laptops or PC for better gaming. Perhaps they are facing performance issues after installing, such as Leggy games or low FPS problems. There are several ways to allocate ram. We discussed most of them in the article. So, without any long discussion, let’s dive in!

PC 30 Jan,2021 by Techies Classic

Intel Xeon for gaming worthy enough in 2021? A Review

would optingIntel Xeon for gaming will worth it? Would we expect the best gaming experience like that Intel i9 core can serve. If you also have the same question, then probably our today’s article will make it more clearly for you

PC 22 Apr,2021 by Techies Classic