How to charge a laptop without a charger?

How to charge a laptop without a charger?

Suppose you have lost your laptop charger or accidentally broken it brings you into an infuriating situation. Perhaps you are going out with friends to a wedding, beach party or camping. So, you bring your laptops to watch late-night movies, play games, or get some work.

Unfortunately, you realize you've forgotten your laptop charger during unpacking. Oops, it's worse because your laptop has a 19? Try left.

Don't worry; calm down. You can charge your laptop without a standard charger. It would help if you learned some ways. It's relatively easy, but your laptop's original chargers are specially designed to charge without the risk of overheating or exploration.

Although it's an emergency, a low battery makes most of your important data out of reach. Then how to charge a laptop without a charger is complicated in any condition. 

We will provide you with 6 different solutions despite these situations but try these hacks at your own risk. None of these hacks are free but useful if your laptop battery is essential for you.

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6 ways to charge a laptop without a charger!

1. Use USB type C

  • Key features: 

It takes almost 4 hours to get charged entirely via USB type C.

USB type C

Check out some of the best USB type C cables


If your laptop is the latest model having USB C-port, then it's a piece of cake to charge your laptop via a USB C adaptor. However, you can purchase it from a local electronic shop or order it online.

USB C port enables you to charge from anywhere then use the same C cable to charge your laptop. Similarly, modern laptops come with USB type C to eliminating the risk of forgetting the charger at home. Most of the HP brand's laptops have USB Type C ports.

Moreover, it's the safest way to charge a laptop without a charger. Similarly, a USB C adapter can stop charging to prevent overheating. Plus, we recommend you do not charge your laptop without an adapter via a USB C port. Without an adaptor, charging will cause permanent damage to your device.

Most laptops run 8 to 12-volt power, but USB chargers deliver 5-Volts only—that is why you need an 8-volts power bank to charge your laptop via this route.

Furthermore, you can get a hours' worth of charge from a 5-volts battery. But this method is not worth it if you need a laptop for playing games or to use it for a whole day. For that purpose, try our other hacks to get better results. 

But with a powerful external power bank, you can charge your laptop for a whole day.

Plus, for USB type A the optimum speed will be 10 Gbit/s, while through USB type C, the optimal speed will be 20 Gbit/s. Due to speed issues, you can't charge your laptop by USB type A.

2. Use your car battery

  • Key features:  

It takes 3.8 hours to charge the laptop battery via car completely.

Use your car battery

Checkout adapter to charge via battery

Among all of the automotive solutions, the car battery is the best to consider. If your job demands a lot of travel and uses a laptop throughout the journey, buy a power inverter. Perhaps in this method, you will charge your laptop battery via a cigarette lighter. The adapter for car charging has an 8-21v power supply. Just plug this into your laptop and set it within an hour. You can easily purchase an Adapter from a local electronic shop.

Don't you think charging through a car battery is an excellent option for efficient long-term laptop use? If you forget your charger while going on a trip use your car battery with an adapter. 

Just turn on the car engine, and plug the car charger into the vehicle charging port of your laptop. Never leave your laptop unsupervised while charging. It will damage the battery by overheating.

Another way is to hardwire your laptop into the car. Most vehicles have built-in voltage regulators that enable the battery voltage down as needed, but the laptop does not have such regulators. 

They are designed to use AC adaptors. That's why you need to know the Voltage of DC meant to accept by your device. Then attach your laptop with the voltage regulator, which in turn plugs into the fuse box. Always set the regulator at a proper voltage to get the desired results.

3. Charge your laptop with a power bank:

  • Key features:  

It takes 3 hours to charge a laptop via a Power bank completely.

Charge your laptop with Power bank

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The power bank is the most feasible way to charge your device without a laptop charger. We consider it the safest route or a better option if you have a power bank already. Otherwise, you can purchase it online or from any electronic shop. But try to acquire those Power banks that can charge laptops. 

Mostly 18V power is required for laptop charging, so try to purchase the power bank having a 20000mAh battery. You can easily buy such power banks for under 40$, plus they can charge several electronic devices, including laptops.

We consider it the safest option as power banks can cut off while detecting any short circuit, overheating, or overcharging problem. That is why power bank is a versatile option and always handy for travelling.

4. How to charge a laptop with a Universal Charger

  • Key features:  

It takes almost 5 hours to charge your laptop through a universal charger

charge a laptop by a Universal Charger

Check out the best universal charger

Practically, laptops can be charged through a Universal Charger available for under 30$ on the market. They come with various AC adapters that fit in your laptop charging ports. It's a worthful trick for those having several laptops from different manufacturers. But not suitable for someone that lost or broke his chargers. Although Universal charger act as a laptop battery charger on emergency time.

5. Use your mobile phone.

  1. Key features: 

 it's not an effective method, and you can use your laptop for 30 minutes only

charge your laptop with your mobile phone

Most of the latest smartphones can be used as a backup power supply in an emergency. But there are a couple of drawbacks while charging with a smartphone as their battery is not enough to charge a laptop completely. After charging through your cell phone, you can use a laptop for 30 minutes only.

Although you need a USB type C cable for this method, connect your phone with the laptop. Find out USB settings in your smartphone, whether you are using an Android or iOS. After this, choose the option of power supply through USB settings.

After following these steps, you have done it. Now your phone battery starts draining, and your laptop battery will come back to life.

It's not a good plan for everyday use but an effective way of emergency.

6. Charge your laptop battery by external Battery Charger

  • Key features:  

It takes 1-2 hours while charging your laptop through an external battery charger

Best External battery for your laptop

Most external batteries are brand specific, so you need to find your laptop's brand external battery. Basically, for applying this method, your laptop battery must be a removable type. Typically, an external battery is a little cable that plugs into your device and then into the switches. Perhaps directly charge your laptop battery. 

But we won't recommend this, as spending money on an external battery you can buy a new charger from the market. Although removing your laptop battery can be tricky or a risk of damage.

How to charge a laptop without a charger

We have already discussed the plausible ways of charging a laptop without a charger. Perhaps none of the above hacks is free, and some are not effective in the long term. That's why we advise buying a new charger rather than spending excessive money on secondary methods.

Plus, it may not be safe for your device, so try them at your own risk. However, some methods work in all situations we discussed above.

To avoid such a situation while traveling, make a habit of packing before traveling.

When you are going out for a journey, make a habit of taking a laptop Backpack with you.

  • Put your laptop in the backpack as it's the foremost thing. After that, insert a full charge power bank and not use them until you have to. Try to use it in an emergency only. 
  • Always take a travel adaptor with you while travelling internationally. Most probably in a foreign country that doesn't have outlets compatible with your laptops. So, you can use an adapter with interchangeable plugs to charge your device. 
  • In the end, pack a USB port hub incredibly useful for international tours. It will provide your laptop with several available USB ports.


If you lose your laptop charger and desperately need to get power back up, you can use these top tricks.

  • Charge your laptop with USB C-port.
  • Use an adapter to charge your laptop in a car or any vehicle.
  • Charge your laptop with a qualified power bank.

These methods will save for your laptop and make your journey great.

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