Best laptop to replace desktop in your workplace in 2023

Best laptop to replace desktop in your workplace in 2023

Buying the best laptop that fits your workplace and is portable enough so that you can take it with you at any place, any time, is still a dream of many professionals.

Thought, gone are days when desktops were given more priority than laptops due to their robust system and steady performance. But with the advancement in technology, now laptops are nowhere behind desktops – offering similar efficiency.

If you're looking to transform your dream into reality by replacing your desktop with a laptop, then you're at the right place. Here, we'll be discussing the best laptop that can fit right ahead of your desktop and how it can be worth your decision in 2022?

So, without waiting more, let's get straight into it!

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Will replacing a laptop with a desktop worth it in 2022?

After the miserable pandemic outbreak, restricted people to stay at home – back-to-back lockdowns. But as it's in the last stage and we're expecting to have a normal routine back. For which most people are preplanning to spend their days out from home.

If you're also bored of getting stuck at home and want to enjoy nature while working, then probably shifting to a laptop will be worth your decision. Its portability and ease of use without connecting to an energy source make it reliable.

Moreover, it has given birth to remote work as most businesses transform their workplaces into remote or virtual agencies. However, some people still use PCs for remote work, but they acquire a dedicated workplace plus stick to it.

Benefits of using a laptop:

Though, desktops are more powerful, fast, and perform well than laptops. But recent laptops have provided them an edge over desktops due to their following values:

  • More Portable – easy to manage
  • Flexibility of workplace
  • Optimal performance rate
  • Access to the internet without connecting a data cable
  • Work without connecting to an external energy source

Buyer's Guide to the Best Desktop Replacement Laptop

Buying the right laptop that fits your workplace is crucial as you're likely to attach it for the past few years. Therefore, making a timely decision will help you to avoid future hassles. To make this process easier, we've organized some key points you need to focus on while buying the best laptop. The point follows:


The processor is the core of any computing device, likewise in laptops. Because it's directly associated with the device performance, like me, if you also hate your system's slowing while performing your important task, then don't overlook it.

Want to have more spare time while not compromising your work quality and deadline? This will more likely assist you. We recommend you opt for multi-core processors as they favor multitasking; you can open several tabs or even more programs simultaneously, despite feeling any slowness in your system. For this latest Intel core processors are best to opt for, including Core i5 and i7.


Another important factor that enhances a laptop's productivity is RAM. Usually, the laptop comes up with a RAM of 4 – 8 GB; however, it may increase up to 12 – 16 GB in premium cases. If you're looking to compute high-end software, then more likely, you need to go for 12 – 16 GB. This portion is upgradable; if you don't have the right budget now, try upgrading it shortly.


While transferring your system, you'll notice that desktops offer more data storage than laptops; luckily, new generation devices offer more data storage. Upgradable chunk – you can choose between HDD (Hard Disk Drive) & SDD (Solid Disk Drive), whereas some may even have both.


The most crucial decision while switching to a laptop is based on its portability. If you're traveling savvy and want to explore more areas while working online, then I think you've decided to switch over. The recommended display size is 15.6-inch with a weight of up to less than 6 pounds.

Battery Life

Opting for a device with an extended battery life will prevent you from charging repeatedly and playing with those wires. Consequently, an average getting a laptop with 4-6 hours is okay, but spending few bucks to take it to 8 hours will worth it. You don't need to worry about its deadline and can work while having a long tour.

Compatible to accessories

However, substituting your workplace with laptops will offer you maximum portability and compatibility, as there's no such need for external accessories. Yet, if you feel comfortable with that attached mouse and keyboard, always have a keen eye on compatible laptops.


Lastly, looking at your budget before deciding will help narrow your research scope. So, I recommend first looking at your budget and then following up with the best laptop in that range. If you can't buy an expensive laptop, don't feel sad, we have got you covered by suggesting the best budget-friendly laptop that replaces your desktop.

Now, as you're familiar with the basic buying guide. Then, get straight into the best laptop that can replace your desktop.

Best laptop for replacing your desktop in your workplace

1. New Apple MacBook Pro

Best laptop to replace desktop in your workplace in 2023

New Apple MacBook Pro

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It has been evaluated that most workplaces have switched to laptops because of Apple’s MacBook Pro. Its amazing features and portability pursued professionals to buy this Apple’s laptop. Still a dream of many professionals! And there’s no exception that it’ll be the right option for replacing your desktop.

Looking to have a more powerful device with a top-end processing system in a sleek package, this can probably be one of your dream’s systems. Let’s dive more into its features.

  • The laptop with its high-end computing system is considered the best performance-friendly device proclaimed by most users. Incorporating the latest Intel Core i9-9980HK along with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz. It can be optimized to 4.8 GHz with its Turbo Boost.
  • For smooth flow of work, the system offers ample RAM management i-e 16GB of DDR4 RAM. As professionals prefer efficient workflow, therefore, it allows them to save time on loading apps, programs, and browsers.
  • Though graphics don’t matter a lot in the work environment; yet if you’re a developer or graphic designer, it will be a blessing for you to have the latest AMD Radeon Pro 5500M GPU plus an additional 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM.
  • If you’re afraid of not getting a large database to store data like on a desktop, then its 1TB of full SSD storage will allow you to keep ample files or heavy software.
  • Large screen size, offering similar to the desktop-like view i-e 16-inch. Moreover, offering an optimal eye view with its s screen resolution of 3072 x 1920.
  • Almost every laptop buyer is looking for a machine that supports their long-hour working time, and this Apple MacBook Pro fits more than any other with a large battery time i-e up to 11 hours.
  • One of the best portable devices out there, it’s developed to 0.64 inches thick along with a slight weight of 4.3 lbs.
  • Enhanced connectivity system, that’s why we choose it over many other devices. Some people are habitual of using desktop accessories (mouse and keyboard), for their ease, it involves 4 different Thunderbolt 3 Type C ports.
  • Finally, this computing machine has its own desktop-like keyboard; you don’t need to buy extra for having that experience. As we mentioned earlier, it’s the right choice for a desktop replacement laptop. Therefore, it’ll offer you an inbuilt desktop-like system with a 1mm key distance.

However, among all features and benefits, there are some flaws as well. But don’t worry, this will not impact your work experience. Including thermal throttling issues, and we need to buy an adaptor for connecting legacy devices.

Stylish and smooth keyboard Slightly heavy
With 512GB SSD, It has a read time of 2,060.2 megabytes per-second

2. HP’s Envy 2019

Best laptop to replace desktop in your workplace in 2023

HP’s Envy 2019

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If you’re short on budget but still looking to have a laptop that replaces your desktop, then HP’s Envy 2019 would be the right one for you! Like Apple’s MacBook Pro, this laptop also provides a steady work experience but can’t match it because of many advanced features in MacBook. Some key features are:

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can a laptop replace a desktop?

Yes, a laptop can replace your desktop workstation. And you can enjoy more specs than that with a desktop.

Nowadays, many people confuse system performance when they think of shifting their desktop systems to laptops. Is I can get the same robust system while using the laptop? Yes, you can, but not as much as a desktop. While looking into recent trends, many well-known companies like Apple, Asus, Dell, Hp, etc., are developing laptops that offer efficient and robust systems comparable to desktops.

Which is the best brand for a desktop replacement laptop?

Selecting a single brand is challenging as it may vary with the user's intent and needs. Whereas, among all Apple and Asus are considered more feasible.

Final Words

Choosing a laptop that fits right over your desktop is a crucial process. To make it more precise and clear, we've described the best desktop replacement laptop, i-e, Apple MacBook Pro. We choose it by analyzing its specs along with many customers review so that it can work best for you – meeting all your needs.

I hope you've got your best buddy, and we'll meet with another blog post.

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