What to do if my laptop only works when plugged in?

02 May,2021 by Admin

What to do if my laptop only works when plugged in?

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Are you wondering to know why your laptop shut down when you unplugged charging even though it’s fully charged? So, you will be delighted to know we’re going to show you some ways to fix this problem.

Actually, many people thought it’s due to overheating, so they start using an external cooler, but the things repeated. There are so many reasons for this problem, like your laptop’s battery is gone, it’s a power management problem, or dust stuck inside batteries. Let’s discuss this matter in detail.

How to figure out the battery is the problem:

To figure out some problems with the battery, you have to connect your laptop to an external power source through the laptop’s power cable. Then leave your computer overnight to give it a massive amount of time for charging. After that, unplug your computer, check the battery icon available in your laptop’s desktop mode and look at the battery percentage. If it shows 0?ttery, it means power is not getting to the battery, and it's truly dead.

Power Management problem:

Go to the display properties, select the screen server tab, then click on the “Power” button. After this, go to the “power schemes field” as it’s a drop-down window, click on it and select “Rixane Power Scheme”. As a power switching utility that instantly switches between AC and battery, the charger plugged or unplugged while the laptop is on. But this feature is only available on HP laptops. If you don’t have an HP laptop and there is no “Rixane Power Scheme” option available, select “Laptop power scheme” to manage power settings.

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Cleaning battery physically:

Before buying another battery, you should physically clean batteries by turning off your laptop, removing cables, and detaching the battery. Perhaps dust may be stuck inside the laptop’s gaps and the battery’s metal to connect the charger. That’s why it is vital to clean it physically by dampening a cloth with rubbing alcohol to clean the laptop’s outer and inner surface gently.

Testing through Softwares:

There are various tools to check the health of your laptop’s battery, including Battery Eater, Notebooks, and more innovative battery measuring statistics. This software help to determine the average charging time, how long charging takes, total charge capacity, and how long it takes to use the battery.

Moreover, your laptop manufacturers also make their systems to test and diagnose battery issues like Toshiba’s PC health monitor, the HP system diagnostic tool, etc. So, by using this software, you can check your battery’s health and determine what’s the matter why your laptop only works when plugged in.

Things to do before replacing your battery:

Before buying a new battery, you must give the last chance to your old battery. It might be a connection problem between the battery and the adapter. Whenever your laptop tries to charge the battery, the battery is not going charged, and your laptop thinks there is no battery and it is simply running on power.

When you place a new battery, it must have some charge, and your computer starts working without being plugged in, and after some time, you will face the same problem when the new battery needs charging. So, follow these steps to give the last chance of your old battery.

  • Step 1:

Remove the battery and kills the static energy in your laptop by holding the power button for 30 seconds.

  • Step 2:

The battery is still removed, then plug in the adapter and turn on the power. Your laptop starts working properly

  • Step 3:

So, the trickiest step is inserting the battery after powered on the laptop. Now, your computer will detect the battery, and it starts charging correctly. We hope this hack will work

Replace your battery:

If your laptop’s battery dead’s inevitably after removing the charger, the only solution is the replacement. So, purchase the new one using the model number of the battery and your laptop.

As a laptop’s batteries degrade over time and battery failure is a severe issue. Your laptop will abruptly shut down without giving you a chance of saving your work. Moreover, a five years old laptop battery must replace with a new one. Otherwise, you will face various issues regarding battery timings.

Best Laptop Batteries 

No matter how good you treat a laptop’s battery, it will end soon. So better to replace the battery on time before it dies. Anyhow, battery deaths seem sudden, and you will not receive any warning regarding when your laptop’s battery dies. The only solution is replacing your dead laptop’s battery.

Moreover, if your laptop has a user-serviceable battery, you can manually remove it and replace it with another. While having a non-serviceable battery, you need to contact manufacturers so they can crack your laptop’s open and replace the battery for you.

Suppose you have a user-serviceable battery, then order a replacement battery online. Don’t pick any product randomly or buy the cheapest third-party batteries. They are built by inferior and insufficient testing methods. They can be dangerous and could go up in flames. Only buy official batteries from a reputable company. Here is the list of top replacement batteries by well-known brands. You can choose any of them to meet your desires.

Replacement Battery for HP Spare ( Highly Recommended )

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It another premium quality replacement battery that brings your laptop back to life. Buying a new battery, then safety must be your priority. That’s why this product is FCC / CE / RoHS Certified, having various safety features, including overheating and short circuit protection. It’s Efficient and Reliable and has Grade a Cells and Long Lasting Performance.

It is compatible with various laptops like:

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Spare Battery for HP

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The battery type is Li-ion, the voltage required is 14.8V (Compatible with 14.4V), and the capacity is 2200mAh; 4 Cell. It is also tested and certified by CE, FCC for safety. This replacement battery is compatible with:

  • HP Pavilion 14 Series
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  • HP 248 Series
  • HP 248 G1 Series
  • HP 340 Series
  • HP 340 G1 Series
  • HP 350 Series
  • HP 350 G1 Series

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Laptop Battery Replacement for HP Spare

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It’s a powerful battery with a good battery backup and timing. If you world hours on your laptop this is something you can opt for. It comes with 14.8 Volts and weighs 250 Grams. The Battery Capacity is 2200 Milliampere Hour (mAh). The product is certified and has great Costumers reviews.!

It is compatible with further laptops and Notebooks

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High Performance Spare Battery

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It’s the latest laptop’s replacement battery that brings your device back to life. It’s compatible with a wide range of instruments and comes with a warranty. The product comes with maximum safety and quality. The voltage is 14.8 Volts and 2200 Mill ampere Hour (mAh) capacity with Durable cells and 12 months warranty! Compatible with:

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DJW Laptop Battery

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DJW is a 100% reliable and trusted brand. They are certified by CE-/ROHS for security. Its voltages requirements s 11.1 Volts and 5200 Milliamp Hours battery comes with one year of warranty.

This product is compatible with:

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Final verdict:

It would help if you needed to replace your laptop’s battery as you are using your computer when it’s plugged in; it means there is no problem with the charger adapter. Perhaps turn off your laptop and remove its back cover by unscrewing the screws and gently lifting the lid upward. Then find the battery as it’s a sizeable rectangular-shaped device and replace it with any other working or newly purchased battery.

If replacing batteries will not sort out your issue, it might be a problem with wires inside your laptop. If that’s the matter, quickly sends your laptop back or goes to any local electronic shop to seek help.

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