What You'll Need to Become a Pro Gamer: A Quick Guide to Hardware

What You'll Need to Become a Pro Gamer: A Quick Guide to Hardware

Game Zone

Not so long ago, since the beginning of quarantine, almost everyone has felt the peculiarities of remote work and learning. Zoom meetings and working in the kitchen literally forced us to massively equip housing and create a comfortable space for working at home. So for gamers, the gaming area (albeit a small one) should be as convenient as possible, because, you see, playing and winning, for example, the famous CS:GO shooter, lying on the couch, will be extremely difficult. No need to allocate a separate room for the game zone, you can equip everything you need even in a small room. A table, a special comfortable chair, high-speed Internet and, of course, equipment are enough.


Gaming monitor

A gaming monitor is one of the most important things for a gamer. Of course, if you play games like Hearthstone, then a regular monitor will do. But for high-paced shooters like CS:GO and Battlefield, having a monitor with at least 120Hz refresh is desirable. This will give additional chances to quickly see the opponent and neutralize him. Right now, the best gaming monitor is the Alienware 34 QD-OLED.

When playing computer games, total immersion and dynamics are extremely important. For example, with the HP X27i Gaming Monitor, it's easy to keep track of even the smallest details. With a refresh rate of 144Hz, you can forget about tearing or motion blur. This indicator ensures the smoothness of the gameplay and the clarity of every detail.

You can also choose a game monitor which is perfect, especially for your favorite game. For example, here are the best monitors for CS:GO.

Game Mouse

When buying a mouse, many people often focus on a beautiful appearance and a large number of additional buttons, but then it turns out that the mouse is inconvenient to play with. How to choose the right device? 

  1. Be sure to try it in your hand before buying. A gaming mouse is actually an extension of your hand, it should fit perfectly in your palm. 

  2. The second thing that is important when choosing is the type of games you prefer to play. Do you love MMORPGs? Then pay attention to the presence of additional buttons. They will allow you to assign additional abilities for quick pressing. For those who like to play shooters, additional buttons are useless. Here it is more important to pay attention to DPI.


To choose the best game mouse in 2023 you can observe 2023 ratings. Now the top three are:

  • Razer Viper V2 Pro

  • Logitech V203 Lightsync

  • Razer Basilisk V3


Gaming PC with a powerful processor

PC remains one of the most popular platforms for developers to make games for.

It is not necessary to be a professional player to participate in eSports competitions. But to become a member of even an amateur tournament, you need to have certain skills and, most importantly, to get involved in games. Let's try to figure out what exactly video game lovers may need to prepare for competitions comfortably and effectively.

As in any sport, professional players train and prepare for the tournament all their free time, on average they play about 8-12 hours a day. Cybersportsmen are well prepared for such loads and have a high level of stress resistance and responsibility. While preparing for any competition, including amateur ones, it is essential to constantly monitor your moral and physical health. To be less angry because of the need to re-evolve in the game or complete difficult missions, you can order an account boosting service, regardless of what game you play. There are many boosting companies for all possible games. For example, fans of the Apex Legends game choose apex legends carry service that helps them excel in the game and be less nervous. A calm atmosphere and focus are essential in any shooter. 

But what preparatory activities will help you become a pro at any game? Let's figure it out.

Equipping a game zone at home, amateur cyber athletes can do without a heavy-duty desktop PC, but only with a gaming laptop. Moreover, today they are created taking into account the high requirements of modern games. For example, HP laptops of the Pavilion Gaming gaming lineup are equipped with modern powerful Intel processors. This provides the most dynamic game and allows you to cope with even the most complex tasks. Laptops with high-performance Intel Core processors let you play and multitask at the same time, while an improved cooling system ensures high performance and stable operation. This makes gaming laptops almost ideal for amateur esports players because, besides gaming, amateurs can fully work and perform a bunch of other tasks.

Many gamers stream their game on Steam. But this requires a lot of RAM. It doesn’t matter that it’s necessary to buy a new computer, but you can allocate more RAM to yours. 



There are a lot of special gaming headphones, they are produced by almost all major manufacturers of audio equipment. We will not dwell on any specific model, but let's talk about what selection criteria should matter when buying this device. 

  • First of all, it is important to have a microphone. Gaming headphones with a microphone are required for comfortable interaction with the team in games such as CSGO. 

  • The second important indicator is convenience. Be sure to try on the headphones before buying. They should not tightly squeeze the head or hang out, also pay attention to the quality of the material. 

  • If you do not want extra wires on the table, you can choose a wireless model, but wired headphones have a faster signal.


Final tips

  1. Choose a comfortable gaming chair - it will help you relieve pressure on your feet, and keep you comfortable for hours on end.

  2. When choosing a monitor, pay attention to the height adjustment stand. In the HP monitor, for example, the gas-piston design makes it easy to adjust the height of the monitor.

  3. Use background lighting, especially during night game battles - this will help reduce eye fatigue.

  4. Choose a PC, considering the functionality of the processor. The more powerful it is, the higher the performance of the device and the better the graphics. For example, Intel Core processors provide the highest image quality, such as support for 4K HDR video, as well as games at 1080p resolution.


Thanks to these tips, you can improve your game, become a real professional and even participate in tournaments. Remember that in addition to functional and modern equipment, you also need to practice and rest a lot in order to be concentrated and recover after sitting at the computer for a long time.

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