20 best calendly alternatives you should not miss in 2023

20 best calendly alternatives you should not miss in 2023

Although people generally used to use the general emailing system like Microsoft Outlook, the new trend circling the globe these days is worth noting. These app/tools help you schedule and maintain bookings, broaden the base of your customer portfolio and gradually increase marketing revenue. They are also great for managing your employee availability, meaning the volume of work to reduce the risk of under-staffing or over-staffing.

Here, we will be discussing the 20 best calendly alternatives that are similar to Calendly that you may have missed out on. These 20 apps are great for scheduling, managing, booking appointments. Most of them have almost the same amount of similar features, but a few can be distinguished from one another. So, let's get to it.

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1. Sprintful

Sprintful is the most flexible, comprehensive appointment scheduling software, used by freelancers and 1k+ employee companies. Sprintful is without a doubt the most well-known, comprehensive and easy-to-use scheduling software for your appointments used by tons of freelancers and employees across the world. There are one-on-one meetings, synchronization with the calendar, and video conferences and group meetings.

2. vCita Online Scheduling

vCita Online Scheduling is a self-service online appointment scheduling system designed to become an enhanced business and client management platform with online CRM components to communicate. It is suitable for online payments, email, SMS, and various other tools that could help in doing more business while allowing better and higher service provision.

3. Acuity Scheduling

This App's platform sends you a reminder or an alert whenever some new appointments or schedules are made on your calendars. It helps you so that you do not have to get frustrated or tense about your bookings not falling into order in busy months. Simply check your calendar and manage bookings even if you're not in the office since the App is website-based and can be accessed from a browser.

T4. eamUp

This form of App is best suitable for gymnasiums, fitness centres, and boxes. It allows you to set pricing plans and membership limits according to your convenience and flexibility. It is an elementary, brainy online calendar and tracks members' attendance.

5. 10to8

What's unique is that it has a two-way-based calendar integration chat system that allows you and your prospects to text one another in real-time, giving clarity and transparency. What's more? It's a free application for up to a maximum of 100 appointments each month.

In addition, it allows easy payment process through Stripe, SagePay, and PayPal. Another huge advantage for small stores and shops that strain on their cash flow projection is that it has a low price point of $9.6 per month.

6. Checkfront

The travel industry uses Checkfront for its various booking requirements. It is consolidated with other business processes like sales, marketing, and CRM. The payment procedure is quite flexible as you can pay the total amount or even partially.

7. Easy Busy Pets

Per care businesses use this type of App as it is primarily designed for them. There's a no-code website building that enables the users to make their mobile-friend and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website. Furthermore, it also incorporates payroll management and team schedules.

8. Appointment-Plus

Appointment-Plus can help manage appointments internally but is mainly focused on setting up client appointments. Due to its pricing, which is made for heavy volume appointments, it is best suited for enterprises not to forget the fact that it also contains over 500+ options for configuration.

9. Bookeo

It is best suited for travel and tourism-related agencies and service providers due to its specific tools and has consolidated marketing and business analytics tools. Plus, Bookeo is a website-linked tool that enables self-service booking for customers.

10. YouCanBook.me

YouCanBook.me is a page for customers to use for self-service bookings personally and has multi-calendar integration along with iCal and Google Calendars. A free app for simple and basic features.

11. HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro offers complete functional services like email marketing, billing, CRM, payment process, and even GPS Tracking. It further enables the service provider and the customer to interact through SMS communication directly within the application. It can also be planted onto your website, Facebook, or Yelp page.

12. Time trade

The bookings through Timetrade are integrated through salesforce integration with your sales funnel. There is an all-inclusive way for bookings, including text, voice, and mobile channels. The tool for assisting bookings allows you to queue the queries that come from customers.

13. Flash Appointments

Flash Appointments is a tool that is helpful to learning and training centres in that it points to the requirements for appointment processing. In addition, it is a great, simple yet sophisticated platform that you can use to communicate with your clients. It also has an Outlook Calendar that you can use.

14. Appointy

Appointy allows your Facebook followers to book directly through your Facebook page using the Facebook customized tab. It also offers unlimited bookings and is a free app for a single user.


The free version of TIMIFY comes with vigorous and sturdy features like a customizable calendar and management of employees. Appointments of staff and details of customers are associated with the booking records, which are relevant and straightforward.

16. AppointmentCore

This is another tool you may have missed out on during your search for online appointment and scheduling apps. AppointmentCore has an Infusionsoft link and GoToMeeting that is operated by a fully automated process. It manages the availability of your staff in a precise and straightforward manner providing a 45-hour lead time configuration for late bookings.

17. Setmore

Setmore is a free app with unique features like a 24/7 online booking platform compiled with Google Calendar, Office 365 and Outlook Calendar. It is further joined with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In addition, the mobile App allows syncing of calendars and management of contact lists.

18. Ovatu Manager

Ovatu Manager offers Offline-Online Synchronization and accepts various appointments and reports that give virtual financial reports.

19. EssentialPIM

The cloud handles the synchronization of all your data between various apps and devices through a safe and secure cloud. It helps make things easier when booking and tracking appointments, meetings, projects, notes, etc. EssentialPIM also is fully supported by Desktop, iOS, and Android app versions, respectively.

20. Doodle

Last but not least, there's Doodle. Doodle is one of the best online-based scheduling tools, hands down. It vows to remove the burden of preparing meetings via email or phone. Instead, you have to set up the meetings' details and invite clients or prospects through email to respond.

When activation an account on Doodle, the App gives you a free trial period of Doodle Premium. It saves you the time and hassles you would have to make when sending emails and browsing from one window or website to another.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, most businesses have shifted to online platforms for their businesses and other relevant needs. In the case of online appointment setting apps, people want to find just the right App suitable for their everyday use. It is not that hard to see if you are keen and eager to manage bookings, emails, SMS, text messages, and other features to your everyday use. I hope this article brought forth interesting and the best alternative to Calendly to pick just the right App for yourself.

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