Top 7 Benefits of Using SASE in 2023

Top 7 Benefits of Using SASE in 2023

1. Cost Reduction

SASE provides cost reduction in two main ways. First, it allows your organization to use a variety of technologies and services from one provider. No longer do you have to use multiple vendors to get all of the virtual and physical appliances that you need. When you eliminate the need for multiple vendors, you eliminate a large portion of the costs associated with your network.

Additionally, SASE specifically helps to reduce your network complexity. This means that your IT staff will have fewer problems to deal with, and you may even find that you can reduce your IT staffing costs.

2. Excellent Data Protection

As a business, you utilize a lot of data on a consistent basis. A lot of this data is confidential and sensitive because it includes intellectual property and customer information. It's your job to ensure that you protect all of that sensitive data from any theft, loss, or misuse. Secure Access Service Edge comes with built-in data protection, so you don't have to purchase additional protection tools. In fact, Secure Access Service Edge automates much of the data loss prevention process by requiring authentication for system users.

3. Better Network Performance

When you implement Secure Access Service Edge, you can constantly monitor your network on one platform. This monitoring service reveals the actual performance of your data flow, such as across remote data streams to various data centers. This gives you a real-time picture of all the outbound and inbound processes of your business, including your remote locations. When you can actively monitor all of your services in one place, you can easily identify problems and make adjustments swiftly to keep your network performance at its most optimal.

4. Enhanced Network Scalability

Another great benefit of utilizing Secure Access Service Edge is that it is highly scalable. This cloud-based solution offers more flexibility for your company WAN. With this solution, you'll have less physical hardware at your business location, which translates to less downtime for updates and repairs. Secure Access Service Edge is specifically designed to grow with your organization to always meet the requirements that you need in a cloud-based security solution.

5. Less IT Time Wasting

With other setups, your IT staff typically spends some of their time dealing with maintenance tasks like implementing new patches and replacing hardware. This can be extremely time-consuming and a waste of your valuable IT staff's time. Fortunately, Secure Access Service Edge is an intuitive and straightforward solution that offers low levels of network complexity so that your staff can spend their valuable time on more critical tasks.

6. Top-Quality Security

If you're currently operating with multiple applications, you know that each application requires regular updates as security requirements change. This can be extremely time-consuming for your IT staff and can result in unnecessary downtime for the rest of your staff. With Secure Access Service Edge, you only have to worry about implementing the latest technological security measures for one application. This makes updating and downtime very minimal.

7. User Friendliness

One very crucial benefit of implementing Secure Access Service Edge is that it's very user-friendly. Your IT staff can easily manage and maintain your company's digital transactions all in one place. With its intuitive interface, Secure Access Service Edge streamlines the onboarding process for new employees and allows your company's network to grow alongside your business.

As more and more businesses switch to utilizing online data and digital transactions, the need for simplicity in the matter increases. Fortunately, with Secure Access Service Edge, your business can enjoy the simplicity of one application while reducing costs and enhancing your security.


Secure Access Service Edge provides a network architecture with the right combination of SD-WAN and security. This unified cloud service is highly scalable, so any company can enjoy expanding without the fear of having to change their entire cloud service. According to Zscaler, “A SASE architecture combines a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) or other WAN with multiple security capabilities (e.g., cloud access security brokers, anti-malware), securing your network traffic as the sum of those functions.” If your company hasn't yet adopted SASE, you're missing out on the main benefits below.

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