Tesla founder Elon Musk is the world richest person!

Tesla founder Elon Musk is the world richest person!

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Elon Musk, a great inventor and enthusiastic engineer, has made his way to lead into a top-rated business person. Nowadays, this news was a boomerang: Will Musk overtake Jeff (who was top-listed since 2017) or not?

After an increase in Tesla's shares on Thursday, he has made it with a net worth of more than $185 billion. However, till 2020 Musk was rarely on the list of the top 50 wealthiest people, holding only $27 billion.

His quick breakthrough for 1st position started from Warren Buffet in July after becoming the 7th wealthiest person, which further departed Bill Gates in November and got ranked at 2nd position. An interesting fact is that Musk has gained more than the total net worth of Bill Gates in the last 12 months, which's $132 billion.

Indian today has tweeted about Musk's net worth: $1.5 billion higher than the Amazon leader, Jeff Bezos". In contrast, Jeff holds a total net worth of $186.6 billion.

Though, If you had heard this name before but didn't know, who is Elon musk? How has he quickly moved up and become the wealthiest person on Earth? What's the reason behind his success? If Yes, then follow up with our today's article.

Here we'll cover the rise of a great influencer and leading businessman of the current era, Elon Musk. He's working on multiplying its revenue, and due to his hard work, he has overtaken the net worth of Jeff Bezos.

We'll also cover the ideal rise of Musk, where you can learn from his life experience. So, don't miss it if you want to be successful like him.

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Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Reeve Musk, also known as Elon Musk, was born in South Africa on the 28th of June, 1971. His current age is 49; he has only a year left to complete his half-century. He's currently residing in America. This billionaire holds citizenship in South Africa, Canada, and the United States.

He's a great inventor, Entrepreneur, Industrial designer, Engineer (technologist), Successful businessman, founder, and co-founder of many leading companies (the list is available below). However, PayPal, spaced, and Tesla Motors are some of its great inventions. He was blessed with natural abilities to create and invent new things and design the tools that empower today's civilization.

Now, you're thinking, how did he achieve that?

However, after the struggling early years of his life, he brought up his dreams to the world and proved them true. He always makes sure that he'll not betray his mission. Like Elon Musk, consistent hard work will lead you to your destination.

One reason for his success lies in his scientific method: he often uses a phrase when he thinks about a new idea, a problem, or starting a business. He has described it in 6 points:

  1. Ask a question.
  2. Collect sufficient pieces of evidence
  3. Analyze data based on evidence, and try to find a possible solution.
  4. Moreover, draw a logical conclusion and predict are these predictions true and what'll be the result.
  5. Try to disapprove your analysis and get projections from others to test your conclusion further.
  6. At last, If your decision is found to be stagnant, then you're most probably right.

This scientific method proves to be beneficial for his steady growth. And further, he concludes that "Its helpful for figuring out tricky things."

He was patient enough to bring his efforts come fruitful to the world. Elon says, "It might take me a little to get into the rhythm of things."

According to Elon, this's how he has made his money. If you want to be successful like him, follow up on his strategies and lessons from his life experience. He further illustrates that "you should try to set actions that are likely to prolong civilization, minimize the probability of a dark age, and reduce the length of a dark age if there is one."

Why has he become the world's richest person? His Current Net Worth

He has surpassed Jeff Bezos in the race of the world's wealthiest person by contributing a significant proportion of his wealth to companies. By Bloomberg Billionaires Index, on the 7th of January, 2022, his current net worth is $194.8 billion, or we can say that it's $9.5 billion higher than prior top richer Bezos. According to Forbes, Elon was the leading listed candidate in the list of Innovative Leaders in 2019 and held the 25th position in the list of Powerful People of the world.

How did he overtake Jeff Bezos?

Bloomberg Billionaire Index's latest broadcast indicated that Elon Musk had overtaken Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com Inc.'s leader, as the world's richest person. He has driven his wealth by a significant increase of 8% in Tesla Inc.'s value (the electric-car manufacturer). In contrast, Jeff faced a loss of $4.5 billion in the past year.

Family Background:

Let's have a quick go through a Musk family background. His father, Errol Musk, was a South African resident and a wealthy mechanical engineer. However, his mother, Maye Musk, was a tenant of Canada and was also a Canadian model and star. His childhood was spent with his brother Kimbal and sister Tosca in South Africa. But later, his parents divorced when he was only 10 years old.

Afterward, he usually grew up with his father, but later, when he was in his 20s, he left his father and started pursuing his career alone.

What obstacles has he faced? Was this an easy process?

In his current business age, he has faced many losses and failures, but he has grown by learning from his difficult time despite giving up. He always avoided his shortcomings and made useful strategies, which later made him who he's today. Do you think it's an easy process? Probably not, because before every success, there's a Dark Age and a crucial time. But one should not fear like Musk.

Despite his parents divorced, and he left his father, he has lonely made this. He's known as the "The Architect of Tomorrow."

Do you know which companies Elon Musk owns, making him wealthier?

He is undoubtedly one of the great industrialists and entrepreneurs of the current era and holds a huge share in most companies. Here's a quick list of the companies he owns:

  • Tesla Motors (CEO): Electric Cars Automobiles Industry. ( Worth $208 billion )
  • SpaceX (CEO): For growing Artificial Intelligence, launched a rocket in 2012, which was the first commercial Aircraft sent to space. $46 billion
  • SolarCity (Founder): Invented solar bricks for making a Solar House
  • Musk's Boring Company: For Building infrastructure and growing real-estate business
  • OpenAI (Founder): Improving the economic benefits for humanity
  • Health Care: Ensuring the best health services
  • X.com is now PayPal (Founder): Making the process easier and steady for transferring money around the world

His Future Plans

His mission was to create sustainable energy sources for running automobiles, households, and industries and save them from using fossil fuels or other combustible and costly sources. He also wants to introduce high-speed transportation via a vacuum tube, a perfect underground route for quick transit.

Moreover, he wants to create a brain-computer interface to enhance human health and brainpower. The New York Times announced that he's "arguably the most successful and important entrepreneur in today's world."

Furthermore, he stated that he has planned to explore and colonize Mars. He said, "he won't be happy until we've escaped the Earth and moved towards Mars."


Today's article about Elon Musk, how he overtook Jeff Bezos and became the world's richest person. How has he reached that level? What difficulties had he faced? How can we be benefited? Hopefully, you've learned everything about Elon Musk and if that's helpful, let us know by commenting. You can be like him, but you must follow up on his strategies.

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