Norstrat Consulting and Services: Things you should know

Norstrat Consulting and Services: Things you should know

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What does NORSTRAT do?

Research and Analysis: Conduct in-depth research and analysis of the northern regions, including understanding their geographical, environmental, social, and economic aspects to inform effective policy-making and strategic planning.

Environmental Management:

Developing and promoting environmentally sustainable practices and policies to protect and preserve fragile ecosystems, combat climate change, and ensure responsible use of natural resources.

Infrastructure Development: 

Advising on the planning, designing, and constructing essential infrastructure projects, such as transportation, telecommunications, and utilities, to improve connectivity and support economic growth in northern regions.

Economic Development: 

Identifying and promoting opportunities for sustainable economic growth and job creation in industries such as renewable energy, natural resource extraction, tourism, and research.

Indigenous Communities: 

Engaging with and supporting indigenous communities in northern regions ensures that their rights, culture, and traditions are respected and included in decision-making processes.

International Cooperation: 

Facilitating and fostering cooperation between countries and organizations that share interests in the northern regions, such as the Arctic Council, to address common challenges and promote sustainable development.

Education and Capacity Building: 

Providing training, resources, and support to local communities, governments, and businesses to help them adapt changing conditions and seize opportunities for growth and development in northern regions.

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Services Offered by the Company

Strategic Advice on Northern Strategy Campaign Plan: 

Norstrat would provide expert guidance on developing and executing comprehensive campaign plans to promote and implement northern strategies. This would involve analyzing the current situation, identifying key stakeholders, setting goals and objectives, and designing targeted outreach and communication campaigns to raise awareness, build support, and drive action for sustainable development in northern regions.

Building on the Northern Strategy: 

Norstrat would help clients expand and enhance their existing northern strategies by identifying areas of improvement, uncovering new opportunities, and recommending best practices from other successful initiatives. This may involve conducting gap analyses, benchmarking against industry standards, and providing tailored recommendations to ensure the client's strategy remains effective, relevant, and adaptable to changing conditions and emerging trends.

Project Definition Support: 

Norstrat would assist clients in clearly defining the scope, objectives, and requirements of their proposed projects in northern regions. This would involve conducting research, gathering stakeholder input, and developing project plans that outline timelines, budgets, resources, risks, and key performance indicators. By providing this support, Norstrat ensures that projects are well-conceived, strategically aligned, and set up for success from the outset.

Memoranda to Cabinet: 

Norstrat would prepare high-quality memoranda to Cabinet or other relevant decision making bodies, presenting key findings, recommendations, and supporting evidence related to northern strategies and initiatives. These documents would be crafted to communicate the strategic rationale, benefits, and risks associated with proposed actions, ensuring decision-makers have the information they need to make informed choices.

Capture and Bid Management Support: Norstrat would provide expert support to clients throughout the capture and bid management process for projects in northern regions. This would involve identifying potential opportunities, developing win strategies, preparing competitive proposals, and managing the submission process. By leveraging their deep understanding of northern regions' unique challenges and opportunities, Norstrat would help clients craft compelling bids demonstrating their ability to deliver successful outcomes in these complex environments.

Norstrat's clients?


Norstrat supports aeronautics companies in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for developing and expanding operations in northern regions, focusing on infrastructure, supply chain, and regulatory requirements.

Aerospace & Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland & Labrador: 

Norstrat works with this association to promote sustainable growth and collaboration among aerospace and defense companies operating in northern regions.

Airbus Defence and Space: 

Norstrat advises Airbus on strategic initiatives and project opportunities in northern regions, focusing on environmental compliance, stakeholder engagement, and risk mitigation.

Aker Solutions: 

Norstrat provides Aker Solutions with guidance on infrastructure projects and investment opportunities in northern regions, emphasizing sustainable development and local community engagement.


Norstrat offers expert insights to AlphaSights on market trends, opportunities, and challenges in northern regions to inform their research and advisory services.

Astrium SAS: Norstrat supports Astrium in developing and implementing satellite and space technology projects in northern regions, addressing environmental, technical, and regulatory challenges.

Babcock (via H+K): 

Norstrat works with Babcock through its partnership with Hill+Knowlton, providing strategic advice on northern regions' projects and initiatives related to defense, security, and emergency services.

Calian (via H+K): 

Through collaboration with Hill+Knowlton, Norstrat assists Calian in identifying and pursuing growth opportunities in northern regions, focusing on health, IT, and engineering services.

Canadian Light Source (via H+K): Norstrat supports Canadian Light Source in expanding its research capabilities and partnerships in northern regions, promoting collaboration and innovation in scientific endeavors.


Norstrat advises Cassidian on defense and security projects in northern regions, guiding strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and risk management.


Norstrat collaborates with Deloitte to provide industry-specific insights and expertise on northern strategies and initiatives, enhancing their consulting and advisory services.

General Dynamics Canada: Norstrat works with General Dynamics Canada to develop and implement defense and security projects in northern regions, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and local community involvement.

Hill+Knowlton Canada: 

Norstrat partners with Hill+Knowlton to offer strategic communications and public affairs services related to northern strategies and development, ensuring effective messaging and stakeholder engagement.


Aerospace Review: 

Norstrat assists the Aerospace Review in evaluating and recommending policies and strategies to support the growth and competitiveness of Canada's aerospace sector in northern regions.

Canadian Coast Guard:

Norstrat works with the Canadian Coast Guard to develop and implement maritime safety, security, and environmental protection initiatives in northern regions, addressing the unique challenges of these areas.

Canadian Space Agency (via Deloitte): 

In partnership with Deloitte, Norstrat supports the Canadian Space Agency in identifying and pursuing space exploration, research, and technology development opportunities in northern regions.

Importance of focusing on northern regions

Focusing on northern regions is crucial for several reasons, as these areas present unique challenges and opportunities that can impact global economic, environmental, and social well-being. Some key reasons for concentrating on northern regions include:

Climate Change: 

Northern regions, such as the Arctic, are highly sensitive to climate change, experiencing rapid warming, melting ice, and rising sea levels. Understanding these changes and implementing strategies to mitigate their impacts is vital for global climate stability and for preserving unique ecosystems.

Natural Resources: 

The northern regions are rich in untapped natural resources, including oil, gas, minerals, and renewable energy sources like wind and hydropower. Sustainable development and management of these resources can contribute to global energy security and economic growth.

Geopolitical Significance: 

As the ice in the Arctic melts, new shipping routes and access to resources are opening up, leading to increased geopolitical interest and competition among nations. Focusing on the northern regions helps maintain international cooperation, security, and stability in these strategic areas.

Indigenous Communities: 

Northern regions are home to numerous indigenous communities with unique cultures, traditions, and knowledge systems. Ensuring that these communities are engaged in decision-making processes, their rights are respected, and their livelihoods are protected is essential for social justice and sustainable development.

Infrastructure Development: 

The remote and harsh conditions of northern regions present challenges for infrastructure development, such as transportation, communication, and utilities. Developing innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: 

Northern regions are home to diverse species and ecosystems that provide essential services like carbon sequestration, water purification, and climate regulation. Protecting these ecosystems is crucial for maintaining global biodiversity and environmental health.

Scientific Research:

The unique conditions of northern regions offer opportunities for cutting-edge scientific research in areas like climate change, space exploration, and natural resource management. Focusing on these regions can advance our understanding of critical global issues and foster technological innovation.

Sustainable Economic Development: 

By focusing on northern regions, governments, and businesses can create sustainable economic development opportunities that balance the needs of local communities, environmental conservation, and long-term economic growth.

How to Grow a Business with NORSTRAT Consulting

Here are some core steps businesses can take to grow with NORSTRAT Consulting:

Assess and refine business strategy:

Collaborate with NORSTRAT to evaluate your current business strategy, identify areas for improvement, and develop a tailored approach for growth in northern regions.

Market research and analysis: 

Utilize NORSTRAT's in-depth knowledge of northern regions to conduct market research, identify potential opportunities, and understand local industry trends and customer needs.

Identify and mitigate risks: 

Work with NORSTRAT to identify potential risks associated with operating in northern regions, such as harsh weather conditions, logistical challenges, and regulatory requirements, and develop strategies to mitigate those risks.

Engage local communities and stakeholders: 

Leverage NORSTRAT's expertise in stakeholder engagement to build strong relationships with local communities, indigenous groups, and government agencies to ensure your business operates responsibly and ethically.

Optimize supply chain and logistics: 

NORSTRAT can help you adapt your supply chain and logistics strategies to the unique challenges of northern regions, such as limited transportation infrastructure and seasonal variations, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

Develop sustainable practices: 

Collaborate with NORSTRAT to implement environmentally sustainable practices and technologies that reduce your business's ecological footprint and ensure compliance with environmental regulations in northern regions.

Tap into funding and incentives: 

NORSTRAT can assist in identifying potential funding sources and incentives for businesses operating in northern regions, such as government grants, tax breaks, or other financial assistance programs.

International collaboration and partnerships: 

NORSTRAT can help your business establish partnerships and collaborations with international organizations and businesses that share interests in northern regions, fostering innovation and expanding market reach.

Capacity building and training: 

Work with NORSTRAT to develop and implement training programs and capacity-building initiatives to empower your workforce and local partners to succeed in northern regions.

Capture and bid management: 

NORSTRAT can support your business in identifying potential project opportunities and developing competitive bids for contracts in northern regions, leveraging their deep understanding of these areas' unique challenges and requirements.

The northern regions hold untapped potential for development and growth. However, to achieve sustainable progress in these areas, it is essential to have a strategic approach that considers the unique challenges and opportunities these regions present. 


Norstrat Consulting and Services is a specialized firm dedicated to providing expert guidance, advice, and support to clients looking to navigate the complexities of northern development.

As we delve into Norstrat Consulting and Services, you will learn about their multidisciplinary team of experts, the industries and sectors they serve, and their commitment to incorporating environmental, social, and economic considerations into their strategies. This knowledge will provide a solid foundation for understanding the crucial role that Norstrat Consulting and Services plays in fostering sustainable growth, unlocking opportunities, and building a prosperous future for the world's northern regions.

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focusing on northern regions and partnering with a specialized consulting firm like the hypothetical NORSTRAT can help businesses navigate these unique challenges and opportunities. By leveraging NORSTRAT's expertise in strategic planning, market research, risk mitigation, stakeholder engagement, supply chain optimization, and sustainable practices, businesses can unlock new growth potential and create a competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, 

NORSTRAT's assistance in identifying funding sources, fostering international collaborations, and providing capacity-building and training initiatives can empower businesses to thrive in northern regions. As a result, businesses can achieve sustainable growth, contribute to the economic development of northern regions, and promote responsible environmental stewardship.

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