Fix: ICUE Not Detecting Keyboard. Best Alternative keyboard

Fix: ICUE Not Detecting Keyboard. Best Alternative keyboard

The invention of the Digital Employed Computer in 1940 revolutionized our life with many blessings. Our life became susceptible. Just like we are dependent upon the machine for our work, The central machine relies upon its components for facilitation, which these days are connected to it by iCUE software.

iCUE connects all CORSAIR compatible products with the central system. One of the crucial parts of our computer system is the keyboard through which we send input to the computer system and respond to it. We often see cases like iCUE not detecting the keyboard, which is quite problematic for the users. 

iCUE gives you control of everything, but due to some reasons, It cannot recognize the keyboard sometimes. Imagine yourself having a device that is the solution to your queries, but you cannot give it commands. There are vast reasons for this. Sometimes there is a problem with the software, or maybe your keyboard isn't compatible.

keyboard. So let's get straight into it!

How do you fix iCUE?

When you attach a keyboard to your computer, it displays a popup: "NO DEVICES ARE PLUGGED IN." It means your iCUE is not detecting devices. It's not a big issue, and you have more than one solution to fix it. The following are the steps that you can perform to get your problem solved by yourself. 

Step No: 1- Updating Drivers:

It is the easiest solution to your iCUE-related problem. If your devices are iCUE compatible, but your computer is not recognizing them, the issue is in the device drivers. It doesn't mean at all that you have to replace the drivers. Here is what I mean. 

Suppose you bought the latest keyboard for your computer that matches its platform. You attach it properly, but your computer doesn't recognize it. This happens because you don't have the latest drivers installed on your pc. 

Having up-to-date software programs and device drivers will allow you to keep up with the latest versions of applications. 

Here is how you can update the drivers of your pc:

  1. Go to the Start menu, click on Settings, select Devices, and then click on Device Managers.

  2. Update the drivers for each peripheral device attached to the computer.

  3. You can update one driver at a time. In the case of keyboards, right-click on Keyboard and select Update Driver.

Check the option: Select Automatically For Updated Driver Software.

That's all you need to do to update the driver software on your PC. Try it and let us know whether your issue of iCUE still not detecting the keyboard it is fixed or not. If yes, enjoy typing on your latest keyboard.

If you face the same problem, the next step may turn things around for you. Let's see what it is. 

Step No: 2- Try Switching The Ports:

I hear most people asking: "Why isn't my keyboard showing up on iCUE?" Here is the solution. Our PC has several USB ports for attaching the keyboard and mouse. We plug in the keyboard into one of these USB ports to connect it to the PC. 

If you attach the keyboard to a USB port, your computer doesn't detect it. It may be because that port might be damaged. You can remove the cable and plug it into another USB port. This switching of the USB ports might make the iCUE recognize the keyboard attached to the PC.

If you managed to solve your problem, leave reading further, and start doing your work. But for those who are still in trouble, don't be disappointed. We have more steps that you can perform to solve the problem of iCUE not detecting the keyboard.

Step No. 3 Re-installing The iCUE:

Re-installation of iCUE software can help you get rid of this terrible situation. For re-installing, you first have to uninstall the iCUE from your PC. There are four simple steps to uninstall iCUE:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on Programs and Features.

  3. Click on Corsair Utility Engine.

  4. Select the Uninstall option.

Most of you might don't know how to install iCUE? For iCUE software download, visit the website: and download a new iCUE file. After downloading the file, click on Reinstall to begin the reinstallation process. 

Note: You need to understand the term "Clean Reinstallation." A clean reinstallation of iCUE will surely help you in solving your problem. Click here to know how to do clean reinstalling. 

I'm hoping that after performing this step, you'll be able to make the iCUE software of your computer to recognize the keyboard attached to it. 

Step No: 4- Repairing iCUE Software:

Repairing iCUE software could be a solution to iCUE not detecting devices. iCUE is easy to repair. You have to perform a few steps to repair the iCUE of your computer. Here are the steps that everyone can perform to repair the software: 

  1. Go to Settings and click on Device Manager.

  2. Click on Human Interface Devices

  3. Right-click on the Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device.

  4. Check the option "Delete the Driver Software for This Device".

  5. Click on Uninstall.

These are the steps that you must have to follow. Before repairing the iCUE, you have to uninstall the Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device to proceed. 

Now to repair the software:

  1. Run the installation file for iCUE software again.

  2. Click on the Repair (Repair the application) option.

  3. Follow further instructions that the program prompts you. 

  4. Restart your computer. 

Check out whether your iCUE software is not detecting the attached keyboard. If yes, then congratulations. But if not, here is one last step to help you solve the issue. 

Step No: 5- Updating BIOS Version:

It is the last step in today's list. I hope it will help you solve the problem of iCUE not detecting the keyboard. 

Perform the following steps to update the BIOS of your computer to the latest version:

  1. Press Win + R and type "misinfo32" in the search box.

  2. Note the BIOS and manufacturer information from the data tab.

  3. Visit the manufacturer's site and search for the driver for your BIOS by entering the model number.

  4. Download the latest version and run the file after downloading.

  5. Now reboot your pc.

There you go! After successfully updating the BIOS version of your computer, you'll see that your PC is now recognizing the latest keyboard attached to it. You are now good to go!

What keyboards are compatible with iCUE?

You will find several keyboards that are compatible with iCUE software. Attaching a keyboard that is compatible with iCUE is a must. Otherwise, you'll face the issue of iCUE not detecting the keyboard. We'll show you the top 2 best keyboards compatible with iCUE.

Best alternative iCUE compatible keyboards 

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fix: ICUE Not Detecting Keyboard. Best Alternative keyboard

 Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

View on Amazon

Here is another keyboard that is compatible with iCUE software. The K70 RGB MK.2 comes up with a brushed aluminum frame and has 104 keys. It is a durable keyboard and can be your long-lasting gaming friend. There is a USB pass-through that allows you to add a USB port. You have complete control over its lighting effects using the iCUE controller. 

  • It is the most valuable keyboard of the K70 series. 

These are perhaps the best keyboards that are compatible with iCUE. You can browse more options and can buy the one that suits your gaming style. 

2. K95 RGB Platinum XT

Fix: ICUE Not Detecting Keyboard. Best Alternative keyboard

K95 RGB Platinum XT

View on Amazon

The K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a beautiful design that makes it a perfect match for a gaming PC. It is unique because it gives you the RGB lighting effect on each key. The six dedicated keys give you an elegant gaming experience. It has a robust iCUE control that allows you to control the lighting effects.

You can check out the features and specifications of the K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard.  And you can buy it for having a colorful gaming experience.


Fix: ICUE Not Detecting Keyboard. Best Alternative keyboard


View on Amazon

The CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO isn't just an amazing gaming keyboard but it is best for non-gamers too! Its plastic chassis and rubber dome keys make it the best for overall use and that’s the reason why this keyboard is quiet while typing. The keyboard is big in size, it's 19 inches long and 6.58 inches wide with a decent and sleek design!

It connects via a USB 3.0 Type-A jack. The keyboard comes with 6 additional keys that can be helpful for a great experience also it's compatible with CORSAIR iCUE software offers you an amazing RGB lighting control!

Rubber dome keys that are really comfortable while typing Zone-lit RGB lighting.
Additional keys setup fr gaming and entertainment purpose
Icue compatible

4. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2

Fix: ICUE Not Detecting Keyboard. Best Alternative keyboard


View on Amazon

With CHERRY MX RGB mechanical keys and solid RGB lighting, CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 comes with an overall dynamic experience for gamers! Its per-key RGB lighting provides a solid experience along with CORSAIR iCUE software enables you to control the overall RGB lights coolers fans and much more.

Every key provides you a soothing RGB lightening Its thick cable!
CHERRY MX mechanical keys

5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fix: ICUE Not Detecting Keyboard. Best Alternative keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

View on Amazon

The aluminum suspension on the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is durable and separable/reversible/attractive. The wrist rest is incredible. You get media controls and USB go through (2.0) very much like the Rapid-fire.

8MB profile stockpiling with equipment, large scale, and lighting playback: It allows access to up to three put-away profiles in a hurry.

the body is aluminum build It has no audio pass-through
32-Bit Arm Cortex Processor
Reversible wrist rest

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix the corsair keyboard not detected?

Ans: You can reset the keyboard to fix the issue. Here is how:

  • Unplug the keyboard.

  • Hold the Esc key and plug in the keyboard again.

  • Release the button after you see the flash.

  • Now unplug the keyboard, and plug it in again to use.

Q2. What products work with iCUE?

Ans: iCUE compatible gaming keyboards work with iCUE software. Moreover, various CPU coolers are also compatible to work with iCUE. 

Q3: How do I download iCUE profiles?

Ans: Follow these steps:

  • Open iCUE and click on Import/Export option.

  • Select the Profile that you want to download.

  • Select the features of profiles using the check-boxes.

Q4: Does iCUE control fan speed?

Ans: Yes, iCUE can control the CPU fan speed if the fan is compatible with iCUE software.

Q5: What keyboards are compatible with iCUE?

Ans: Gaming keyboards like K95 RGB Platinum XT and K70 RGB MK.2 are compatible with iCUE software. You can attach these keyboards without any difficulty. 

Q6: How do I update firmware on my Corsair Keyboard?

Ans: Follow the steps:

  • Open iCUE software and click on the setting option

  • Select the device you want to update, then click on the update button.

  • Click on Force Update to update to the latest version.

  • Your firmware update process will start.

Final Verdict

The most common problem of the iCUE is not detecting the keyboard attached to the computer. There are several reasons for this issue. The most common is that the keyboard might not be compatible with iCUE software. That's why you should buy a laptop that is compatible with iCUE. 

Other problems can cause problems like iCUE not detecting devices. We have covered all the possible reasons behind this issue. These issues are irritating, but we have given you the best possible solutions to handle all of these issues. 

If you're facing the same issue again, start following the steps in a sequence. Be careful while performing the steps. All of these steps are helpful and tested. 

Try these steps, and don't forget to mention the step that helped you solve the issue of iCUE not detecting the keyboard. I hope you've learned a lot of new things today. Thanks for reading to the end. I'll see you in the next post. Stay Sound!

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