How to connect the laptop to Vizio smart tv wirelessly

04 Feb,2021 by Admin

How to connect the laptop to Vizio smart tv wirelessly

RANK Product Amazon
#1 TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV
#2 Insignia NS-32Df310NA19 32-inch Smart HD TV
#3 Toshiba 32LF221U21 32-inches Smart TV
#4 Samsung 43-inch Crystal Class UHD TU-8000 Series 4K Smart TV
#5 Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-inch Smart HD Fire TV
#6 VIZIO D-Series 32inch Full-Array LED Smart TV with Chromecast
RANK Product Amazon

Advancement in technology making our devices better day by day.  Through modern wireless technology, we can use several apps and connect them with the internet, making our lives much easier. Television is one of those devices that have taken advantage of these advancements.

Smart TV is all of our favorite technology, especially when watching your favorite TV show; its big-screen gives a better watching experience than the laptop screen. However, the biggest and everyone's favorite is Vizio smart tv. Vizio offers good performance with better sound quality at an affordable price.

Most of us want to connect the laptop to our smart TV. They want to watch content on the wider screen and enjoy great quality pictures on their smart TV. Although your laptop can be an ultimate gaming machine, late-night movies are better to watch on the big screen as Vizio smart TV has. Moreover, you are getting annoyed with your laptop tinny screen and want to use your large TV screen to play games. It's amazing to sit on your sofa watching movies, stream videos, or a video chat conference. But connecting your laptop with smart tv through the wire can be a bit messy—that’s why you want to connect your laptop to Vizio wirelessly.

Now you are wondering how to connect the laptop to Vizio smart tv wirelessly, don’t worry in this article we are going to tell you several ways for this regard.

Here is the List of methods that enables you to connect your Vizio smart TV with your laptop wirelessly. Let’s dive in!

1. By Using Wireless HDMI

2. Use Miracast

3. Using Chrome Cast

4. Through Smart tv screen mirroring

5. Use Steam Link

6. Using Plex:

By Using Wireless HDMI

HDMI is an excellent option to watch high-quality videos with high-speed transmissions. Through wireless HDMI, you will no longer need cords for active links. However, HDMI is the cheapest and the simple way of connecting for your Laptop and smart TV.

The wireless HDMI extender transmits HDMI data wirelessly. Thus, data transfer from a transmitter to a receiver wirelessly. This allows you to plug your smart TV into an adjacent box and your laptop to another adjacent box using another HDMI cable. This connection or paring of devices works as HDMI cables would.

In contrast with wired HDMI, a wireless HDMI connection is better as it works better range up to 100 feet. Plus, your home wireless network traffic won't disrupt HDMI wireless connection. But through such a connection, you cannot stream 4K HDR content. If you do, they are associated with too much video lag. Similarly, you have to face an awkward experience while playing heavy games through a wireless HDMI connection.

 Mostly HDMI extenders cannot go beyond 1080p. That's why you have to compromise in such circumstances. Besides these limitations, HDMI wireless is the best way to watch your favorite show on your smart TV. Play laptop games on your Vizio Smart Tv and follow our other methods to connect both devices wirelessly.

Connect your laptop with Vizio smart TV wirelessly by the following step

  • Step 1:

Connect the transmitter to your laptop by a USB port on your device.

  • Step 2:

Then connect the receiver to your smart Tv then enjoy your favorite shows.

Use Miracast

Miracast is another latest Technology to connect your laptop with your Vizio smart TV. Through Miracast connection, you can play games, watch movies or make a PowerPoint presentation. In laptop having window 8.1 or window, 10 Miracast is already installed. Just click on the notification button on your operating system, then a menu pops up, then click connect.

 After connection, it enables you to mirror your laptop screen to your smart TV. While if you don't have, then update your drivers or buy Miracast adapters. Yes, you can purchase a dedicating Miracast receiver and connect with your laptop.

We recommend you Miracast to connect your laptop wirelessly as it's a more economical solution. Like HDMI, the video resolution is still up to 1080p, and you cannot allow 4k streaming. Not good for gaming as you may experience display lag, does not good for pro gamers.

Connect your laptop with Vizio smart TV wirelessly by the following step

  • Step 1:

Look at the lower right corner of your laptop and select devices.

  • Step 2:

Click on the project and add a wireless display.

  • Step 3

Click on the second screen only; now, you can watch your laptop screen on your Vizio smart TV.

Using chrome Cast

The Google Chromecast is another way of streaming videos from your laptop to your Vizio smart TV. Just by clicking a button, you can watch and stream any Chrome tab from your laptop. But to connect your laptop with your smart TV, you must have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on your laptop. Despite this action, update your google chrome browser with its latest version; after this, follow these steps.

  • Step 1:

Connect your laptop and Visio smart TV with the same WIFI connection; otherwise, you won’t be able to connect both wirelessly.

  • Step 2:

Open the chrome browser and click on the three-dot available on the right corner f browser.

  • Step 3:

Click on the cast option (if you don't see any cast option, it means your laptop or Smart Tv is not connected with the same WIFI)

  • Step 4:

After clicking on Cast, you will see available casting devices to connect wirelessly; if you see Vizio smart TV listed there, click on the Cast desktop option.

  • Step 5:

Now choose your smart tv to connect with your laptop wirelessly and cast it. (Once you get connected, you will see your laptop screen on your Vizio smart TV.

  • Step 6:

If you want to discount casting, click on the cast button and select stop.

That the simples and powerful built-in feature on chrome Brower to cast your laptop to your Vizio smart TV in this method, you don't need any external device to buy, plus you can get a connection wirelessly to prevent wiring mess. Although we consider it the best option as you don't need any installation for casting, everything is already available as it’s a smart TV built-in feature.

Through Smart tv screen mirroring

Screen mirroring means mirroring anything to your smart TV like Vizio from any connected device such as a laptop. MacBook, smartphone, many more.

Chrome cast built-in feature is available in Vizio smart TV for mirroring. But casting from chrome cast, you need an updated version of chrome on your laptop. If you cannot still mirror your device with smart TV wirelessly, your laptop and smart TV are not connected with the same WIFI.

With the same WIFI connection, you can connect your laptop with smart Tv wirelessly follow these steps.

  • Step 1:

Use your TV remote and go to Smart TV settings.

  • Step 2:

Select the source for screen Mirroring

  • Step 3:

You will se the list with smart TV names.

  • Step 4:

On your laptop, click on settings and go to the connected devices, then click on the add device option.

  • Step 5:

Here a list will appear to click on your TV, and the laptop screen will start mirroring to your smart TV.

Use Steam Links

This is the best method for playing your laptop games on your smart TV big screen. The steam link was launched by Valve a few years ago, and its performance has proven to be impressive. Steam links act as a media streamer designed for PC games, but you can link it with your Vizio smart TV. But it's not a reliable option for watching movies, videos on your smart tv. As the quality of pictures will not be impressive, and you have to watch them in minimize mode.

  • Step 1:

Turn off your stream control and click on the stream link.

  • Step 2:

Plug the wireless receiver into your laptop.

  • Step 3:

The stream link allows the video games from your laptop to your smart TV (make sure to connect your laptop and smart Tv with the same WIFI connection).

Although NVIDIA SHIELD can do the same to connect your laptop with Vizio smart TV wirelessly but come with a hefty price such as $200 for gaming editions.

Using Plex:

Plex is another impressive method of streaming your laptop media on your Vizio smart Tv wirelessly. Basically, it’s a media server software capable of cataloging all the audio/video files and streaming them on any of your connected devices.

Plex is available free for streaming any content from your laptop to your smart TV. But not support 4k streaming as its top out at 1080P only. However, plex is significantly functional for streaming even in its free version. You can record any live Tv show by plex through a USB tuner.

Best Smart TV You can choose

TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

Key Features:

  • Screen Size: 32 inches
  • Supported Internet Services:  Skype, Netflix, YouTube, Shopify, Amazon
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Price:  Check out the price

Product Description:

If you are looking less expensive TV for the kitchen, bedroom, and guest room where a larger screen won't fit? Then the only solution is TCL 32 inches smart Roku LED TV and enjoy 1080p resolution.

Its easy voice control features also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for helping you find out recently launched movies, changing channels, and even switch inputs. You can also use your voice to control your smart TV.

Although through Roku mobile app, you can access over 5000 streaming channels and watch more than 500000 movies and shows. The 1080p HD resolution provides excellent and detailed images with suitable contrast quality with a refresh rate of 60HZ. The port selection in TCL is far more generous than you expected for the price. There are 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, and optical audio out.

The TCL  32S327 is very thin and blessed with various ports and lights. Although expensive smart TVs use bolts but TCL  32S327 uses Screws that go into non-threaded plastic holes. The bottom of TCL Roku is flat and deep so that it can stand without feet.

The smart TV interface is the easiest way to stream your laptop as their homepage is configurable and automatically sense attached with your smart devices. You will be impressed by the agile interface with no lag navigating between sections. Therefore, it’s better to order Now before the product goes out of stock.

1080p high resolution No Bluetooth connection
Easy voice control features
Budget-friendly device

Insignia NS-32Df310NA19 32-inch Smart HD TV

Key Features:

  • Screen Size: 31.5 inches
  • Supported Internet Services:  Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu plus
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Price:  Click Here

Product Description:

If you want a Fire TV set to use as the masterpiece of your home theater system, Insignia NS-32Df310NA19 is the right choice. Its available in 32 inches screen delivers 720p picture quality with rich colors.

Insignia HD is the new generation TV having Voice Remote with Alexa. You can conveniently control Tv functions like power, volume, navigation, input switching, and playback through its voice remote with Alexa.

Even you can launch into prime video and Netflix through quick access buttons. If you want to watch the newest shows, press the microphone button and say, "find the latest shows" Alexa will show you its search results from a universal catalog of thousands of integrated apps and channels.

The HD Images with rich contrast and brilliant colors help you to enjoy your every favorite show. This Smart device is specially built for speed and quality performance. The product is equipped with a quad-core CPU, multi-core GPU for instant search results and fluid responsiveness.

 Its wide array of connectivity contains dual-band Wi-Fi and three HDMI inputs. It also contains multiple inputs and output options. Plus, you can stream channels on the home screen.

You can even choose from a vast catalog of streaming videos and movies from Netflix, YouTube, Disney, Prime Video, Hulu, and more. Perhaps you can connect your gaming console through one of the TV’s HDMI ports.

If you are serious about having the best possible experience while watching movies and want a Fire Smart Tv set with an abundance of smart features. In that case, there is no better option than buying Insignia NS-32Df310NA19 now.

A full command through voice remote Only 720p resolution quality
Control your smart home through the Alexa voice feature Lack of HDR support
Find latest favorites

Toshiba 32LF221U21 32-inches Smart TV

Key Specs

  • Screen Size: 31.5 inches
  • Supported Internet Services:  Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu plus
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Price:  Click here

Product Description:

Toshiba 32LF221U21 has an extremely narrow but uniform bezel on the front. The reasonably slim but light in weight body has an IR sensor that is centrally aligned. It also contains a multipurpose hard button for the time when you can’t locate the remote.

Its 720p resolution delivered a superior TV experience and was built for quality performance. Then comes the remote that is densely populated with huge sets of buttons. But the button is extremely soft and reasonably comfortable. The TV is also integrated with Alexa home assistant and is extremely suitable for those who invested a lot in the Amazon Smart Home ecosystem.

Perhaps it’s come with the usual set of connectivity options located in the right place and easy to access. It has 2.0 HDMI ports, 2.0 USB, LAN port, Audio jack, Optical out, AV port, Antenna port, Bluetooth, and WI-FI connectivity options.

Plus, the support apps include Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Zee5, Yapp YV, Hungama Play, YouTube, and Hulu plus. The intuitive UI is suitable for non-tech-savvy people so they can easily find what they want to see. The audio quality of 30w speakers is quite loud and clear. Also, the speakers have Dolby Atmos support.

The overall HDR and SDR quality is impressive, the audio output is brilliant, and all the standard connectivity options are available. Overall, Toshiba 32LF221U21 is a great option in an affordable price range. Check out the latest price and book your order now before it is too late.

Incredible picture quality Lack of Chromecast built-in
A decent set of connectivity options
Wide range of apps support

Samsung 43-inch Crystal Class UHD TU-8000 Series 4K Smart TV

Key Features:

  • Screen Size: 43 inches
  • Supported Internet Services:  Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Price:  Click here

Product Description:

Samsung 43-inch Crystal Class UHD TU-8000 is a truly spectacular option if your room can't handle any bigger-sized tv. Through TU800, you will get an incredibly low input lag of almost 9.7ms. The motion handling technology is consistently smooth and fast. Its ultra-fast processor transforms your favorite shows into stunning 4k through its crystal 4k processor.

It has a great reflection handling feature and SD peak brightness which is great for a room having few lights. Unlike other Smart TVs, Samsung already has all the vital apps, including Netflix, Amazon prime video, BT sports, Now TV, Apple TV, Disney, and Google play movies.

 So, you don’t need any external media streamer. It is also equipped with Samsung Ambient Mode providing access to artwork, background themes, and other visual niceties that turn your smart TV into a more modern form. The voice control through Bixby and built-in Alexa helps watch any content genres, film, and other standard services, including weather, news, and time.

Apart from brightness, the image quality, sharpness, color, and contrast are brilliant. Perhaps you can customize the settings through contrast enhancers and Samsung shadow details. Then Coming toward its Sound quality, the product has three main audio settings to choose from, including Standard, Adaptive, and Amplified. Ultimately everyone chooses the perfect middle option, offering a sense of bass.

Samsung Smart Tv with Crystal processor 4k is the stylish model having built-in voice assistant and packed with suits of apps. Certainly, it's a brilliant model to buy as this smart TV is a real steal.

HDR pictures Uninspiring sound quality
Punchy colors with Tonal details
Built-in voice control

Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-inch Smart HD Fire TV

Key Features:

  • Screen Size: 23.6 inches
  • Supported Internet Services:  Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Price: Click Here

Product Description:

Having a tight budget is not an issue anymore. Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-inch Smart TV is the solution now. If you particularly required a 4k UHD picture at the lowest cost, consider this 720p HD fire TV.

 Like other costly smart TVs, you will get all the features, including Alexa built-in Voice remote for smart control. This 24 inches HD screen perfectly fits in smaller spaces. It has 2.0 HDMI ports, 2.0 USB, LAN port, Audio jack, Optical out, AV port, and WI-FI connectivity options.

Plus, the supporting apps include Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Zee5, Yapp YV, Hungama Play, YouTube, and Hulu plus. You can enjoy the latest episodes of Marvelous Mr.’s Maisel or Jack Ryan at 4k resolution. You can even subscribe to sling TV, Direct Tv Now to stream your favorite Live TV shows.

 Also, utilizing the three HDMI ports, you can connect your gaming console and enjoy. The built-in Alexa feature is so advanced that it can help in adjusting your lights, locking doors, and setting temperature simply through your voice. You can even order pizza, check scores, and play games as its Alexa feature is beyond streaming access.

Alexa will search you any show from the universal catalog of hundreds of integrated apps and channels. This smart device is a perfect option for a study room, guest room, and an affordable gift for friends and family.

720p HD resolution Suitable for smaller spaces only
Incredible Voice Control Features
4k resolution

VIZIO D-Series 32inch Full-Array LED Smart TV with Chromecast

Key Features:

  • Screen Size: 31.5 inches
  • Supported Internet Services: Chromecast and Smart cast
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Price:  Click here

Product Description:

VIZIO D32h-D1 D-Series is 32 inches full class LED Smart TV. The latest fashionable design has a slim body, making it a brand-new model that can fit in everyone's room.

The built-in Chromecast technology lets you stream your favorite entertainment apps from your laptop, phone, and tablet right to your TV. The LED backlight delivers uniformity and film efficiency on the display screen. The overall assembly hardly takes few minutes to go. You need to fix two bolts and tighten them on either side.

You can immediately stream the newest movies, music, and television from your laptop to your television through Vizio web apps. The excessive definition provides crisp, clear 720p image quality.

Perhaps through the VIZIO Smart cast App, you can manage your smart tv and uncover content materials through your mobile and laptop. You can even watch 100 free resides and unique channels, motion pictures, sports activities, and trending digital collections.

Vizio smart tv allows you to manage your TV features through voice instructions. This 32-inches smart TV is equipped with a 6-foot HDMI cable, Ethernet, six-core processor, built-in WIFI, and USB port.

The overall refresh rate is 60Hz with a 16:9 Aspect ratio. The product comes with dual speakers so you can enjoy your gaming session on the big screen. The built-in WI-FI connection is the only solution for connecting your laptop to Vizio Smart Tv wirelessly. Buy now and enjoy the Vizio remote access to Netflix and others.

32 inches LED smart TV No warranty
720p HD resolution
Voice Control Features


We have discussed most of the reliable method of connecting your laptop with your smart Tv wirelessly. All of these methods are beneficial in several ways.

It must be helpful to show your friends and family interesting pictures or videos on a wider screen that you have clicked on your laptops. Many organizations use these methods for meetings and presentations on their smart TVs.

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