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What is the Scope And future of SEO in this digital era?

19 Feb,2021 by Admin

What is the Scope And future of SEO in this digital era?

With the advancement in AI and technology, the scope of SEO has changed a bit as Google is constantly updating its algorithm. Now, SEO isn't just about just link building and keyword integration (Important On-page SEO factor), but it has focused user intent. This digital era is all about building a strong social presence where SEO plays a significant role.  

Several experts have made the probation regarding SEO future, yet no one can exactly predict where it'll fall in the future. If you're curious about knowing more about SEO. Without creating more suspense - let's have a look at it!  

What Is SEO?

If you're a newbie and don’t know what exactly seo is, then don’t worry. In this guide, you will get to know each and everything about seo! Well, SEO is “searched engine optimization”. According to the google search engine guidelines, it's a way to optimize your website to maintain a quality for a great user experience. 

SEO is vast. Many so-called experts think that seo is all about link building and whatsoever, but it's not! To rank your website in SERPs, you gotta take hold of your  website:

  • Interface
  • Structure
  • Proper navigation
  • Free from technical issues
  • White hat link building, and much more

SEO is more than this. Let us not get more into the detail and basics of seo. Let's talk a bit about the future of seo and marketing.

The Future of SEO: What SEO & Marketing Trends Do You Need to Focus on?

To proceed in this competitive world, especially in the game of SEO, you'll need to follow the recent SEO trends. We can understand that small businesses or blog owners feel it hard to build their strong online presence.

While creating brand awareness, there when SEO comes up. SEO and Content Marketing are interlinked - the better the content is SEO optimized, the more it'll generate leads (Hack for Online Content Marketing).

To succeed in the future, you can follow the recent SEO and Marketing Trends like

  • Targeting the right audience
  • Enhancing User Experience
  • Focusing the reader's intent
  • Understanding AI and machine learning
  • Providing best services

What is the future of SEO?

We've heard this term from many content marketers, i-e. What'll be the future of SEO? However, no one can precisely predict, yet following SEO experts can give you an idea about it.

Google, with new updates in the AI system, has started evaluating the content for matching searcher needs. Therefore, offering a better user experience and meeting their search intent can be crucial in SEO's future. 

SEO is a fast-changing game, and online businesses are heavily dependent on it. Therefore, you've to move on from the old tactics that are nowhere above keyword stuffing and link building.

In short, we can say that SEO is a better way of marketing content in the future. Isn't it?

Dainius Runkevicius further highlighted this point from his famous quote

" The SEO's job today is more than keywords and backlinks. It's more than metadata optimization. It's more than even content. It's the assurance of a frictionless user experience while delivering the right information at the right time—and in a timely manner."

Dainius Runkevicius

Important SEO Factors:

In the digital era, the SEO game has changed. Now keywords stuffing can't have any impact, as now onwards, Google has started analyzing content for offering the best experience. Therefore, content with enhanced reader time and less bounce rate is likely to rank better. To boost your ranking on a search engine (Google), you'll need to follow recent SEO trends - such as:

  • Fast loading time
  • Mobile-friendliness site
  • User-friendly content
  • Focusing Reader's intent
  • Well Formatted article
  • Fresh and well-researched content
  • Keyword integration (Naturally)
  • Inbound and outbound links (Quality links)
  • H Tags Optimization
  • Image Optimization (High-quality)
  • Eye-catchy Meta-description
  • Link building 
  • Voice Search Optimization

It has been predicted that voice research has simultaneously increased over the last few decades. According to Google research, 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search for searching more than once a day.

Is there any scope for SEO?

Yes, learning SEO skills will be worthwhile in the near future. SEO is a vast field, and nearly we'll see that most businesses will depend on SEO to establish their brand identity. The rapid increase in online businesses after the pandemic results in yielding more job opportunities for SEO professionals. Ultimately, the demand for SEO has increased. No doubt, at some point, companies need someone who can boost their brand awareness. There's when the need for SEO Services arises.

Importance of SEO in Online Marketing:

As far as marketing is concerned, the importance of SEO in it is undeniable. SEO has an immense impact on digital marketing because it helps to generate organic traffic from search engines. According to a recent stat by, "There are more than 4.66 billion internet users''. Therefore, the internet is an excellent place for businesses to market their products/services.

Following are the critical factors for any online business to capitalize on its income

  • Organic Growth from Search Engine
  • Multiples company revenue by producing more leads
  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • A better way to build relationships with customers

It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic."
- Jeff Eisenberg

Impact of AI and Machine Learning

Google is getting its algorithm smarter day by day, and due to the impact of AI and Machine Learning, it has started evaluating content for a better user experience. With the advancement in technology, AI has greatly influenced SEO and digital marketing. Therefore, Online Marketers will need to understand AI and machine learning to produce maximum results.


Every business in this digital world requires having recent SEO tactics to rank its site and build a robust online presence. As a result, achieving traffic increase and producing more sales.

Nobody knows whats the future of seo and how the google algorithm work.

But for now, SEO can play a vital role in boosting sales for ecommerce websites, generating leads, and improvising your brand awareness.!

That's all for now folks! If you have a doubt or anything in mind, do comment down.

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