10 Best Mouse For Fortnite Players And Gaming

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10 Best Mouse For Fortnite Players And Gaming

#1 Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#2 Logitech G502 Proteus Tunable Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#3 Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#4 Corsair Nightsword Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#5 ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#6 PICTEK Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#7 Logitech G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#8 Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse View on Amazon
#9 FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town View on Amazon
#10 HyperX Pulsefire Surge Optical Gaming Mouse View on Amazon

Are you aware of the effective way to head up to victory in Fortnite? Grasp the best mouse for Fortnite and see how the numbers of kills grow and success pours in. Generally, you must need efficient skills to be competitive, but having the right gear will help you get to high ranks quickly. 

Moreover, all the Fortnite players use the best mouse for Fortnite to give them extra support and sustainability. That is because of specialized features, high sensitivity, and different buttons, making them a top choice. 

Here we have filtered ten top-notched best gaming mice to make your journey much more comfortable. Moreover, this article will help you know the best option available in the market, and you will get an overview of how to buy the best mouse for Fortnite. Are you ready to head towards the victory then? Let's start it!

Best mouse for Fortnite: Our Top 10 Picks 2020

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse

View on Amazon

The most exclusive of all, the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Gaming mouse is technologically advanced and one of the best mouse for Fortnite. This wireless gaming mouse is the lightest design available in the market with its durable construction.

Moreover, its low latency wireless technology transmits wireless signals while you are playing. It features a 20000 DPI sensor for playing the most thrilling games without drilling any holes. With these ultra-effective sensors, you can target the opponent within a few seconds. 

With the ultra-lightweight design, it is highly compact and provides a better grip. There are high-quality programmable buttons on both sides, making it great for both right and left-handed users. It uses a light beam working actuation that makes it a top choice of many Fortnite players.

The most reliable thing that makes it a must to buy option is its working capacity. You only need to charge it for about 10 minutes and then enjoy playing for up to 5 hours without hassle.

Effective grip making it comfortable It's not easy for everyone to reach the side buttons
RGB lights are also present It's expensive
Reliable for both left and right-handed players
It contains eight programmable durable buttons
Versatile, designed braided cable
Lightweight construction

Logitech G502 Proteus Tunable Gaming Mouse

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Getting the best mouse for Fortnite is no more than a treat. The Logitech G502 Tunable Gaming mouse comes with premium built-in features, high performance, and high comfort that will provide you with an incredibly exceptional gaming experience.

This gaming mouse features an optical sensor that is smooth and filtering with a DPI of almost 12000. That will ensure consistent accuracy and responsiveness to every sensitivity with which the mouse is working.

The scroll wheel is incredibly fast and spins quickly, allowing you to scroll continuously. You can lock it if you prefer a single click accurate scrolling. Who doesn't want 20 million clicks with a gaming mouse switch? It carries all features that can make your gaming experience worthwhile.

Perfect for Fortnite with RGB lights The cable is of average quality and breaks down quickly.
11 programmable buttons
Variety of balancing and weight configurations
DPT shifting to get high performance
Rubberized grips for easy handling
Braided cable and a loop tie
Incredibly fast scroll wheel

Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse

View on Amazon

An incredibly cost-effective choice Razer DeathAdder Gaming mouse is another best mouse for Fortnite that will make your experience a durable yet comfortable one. With its unique construction and innovative features, it is a highly recommended product on our list.

It comes with an optical sensor along with 20000 DPI for auto-calibrating across the mouse mat. It will ensure precision by reducing the cursor drift. The mouse is three times faster and quicker than traditional switches. It uses a light beam actuation for effective working.

Moreover, the immersive RGB lighting is highly efficient and is well-known for supporting 16.8 million colors making it a top choice of gamers. It offers a high performance by reducing the use of mouse bungees while reducing the weight.

No Pros AND Cons has been added!

Corsair Nightsword Gaming Mouse

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The Corsair Nightsword Tunable Gaming mouse is another durable and versatile designed gaming mouse with unique features. With its high speed and sensitivity, it is one of the best mouse for Fortnite. Let's take a look at some of the best features.

The ability to detect gravity enables you to easily adjust the weight while ensuring a perfect balance to fit the grip. Moreover, it offers ultra-precise tracking that will provide you with extra sensitivity. The optical sensor comes with 18000 DPI making it one of the best mouse for Fortnite.

It will allow you to play with adding and light effects. It is comfortable and worth buying with its durable design.

Ultra-accurate optical sensor with 18000 DPI Not convenient for small hands
One resolution step adjustment
Three varieties of zones to customize lighting
Ten easy to use programmable buttons
Rubberized comfortable grip
120 balance and weight configurations
A real-time display of the weight
Durable braided cable

ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

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Here comes a classy ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming mouse with unique construction, enhancing the performance and making your Fortnite playing experience a much reliable one.

Moreover, it features a DPI dedicated button that enables you to change the sensitivity setting by quickly pushing a button. Moreover, this best mouse for Fortnite offers an upgraded optical sensor with 12000 DPI.

The mouse constitutes Omron switches known for delivering 50 million clicks providing high accuracy and speed for a flawless gaming experience. Other than this, it also offers dual connectivity options making it a perfect choice for Fortnite gamers. You can pair it up directly with Bluetooth.

The RGB lighting comes with five effects Bulky design
Omron switches for high-grade accuracy and faster speed
Dual wireless connection options both with USB and Bluetooth
With six versatile programming buttons
Rubberized comfortable grip for effective working

PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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Aren't you searching for a durable yet budget-friendly best mouse for Fortnite? Then the PICTEK Gaming stands on the top with its unique design and convenient features.

Moreover, it won't make your pocket deep down without compromising the designation and quality. It offers a remarkable performance with the 7200 DPI optical sensor. You can also set the DPI easily to get high precision and accuracy.

This gaming mouse comes with a four polling rate that ensures high speed and smooth movement. Moreover, there are 16 million color choices for the backlight that is sufficient to match your style. It is an excellent tool for casual gamers.

Adjustable 5 DPI Levels ranging from 1200-7200 Not effective for pro-level gamers
High grade excellent optical sensor
Seven different programmable buttons
Ergonomic and convenient design

Logitech G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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The Logitech G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse is another versatile yet straightforward gaming mouse available in the market. This best mouse for Fortnite comes with ultra-high performance and durable features. 

Moreover, it comes with a durable battery life that can work for almost 30 hours over a single charge. Furthermore, it constitutes highly exclusive battery-saving features that make it more user-friendly. It is well known for delivering extra remarkable tracking accuracy.

It features a reliable optical sensor with 12000 DPI adjustable ranges that works more consistently. It is excellent for both right and left-hand users with its ambidextrous design and mouse gripping style.

Offers a wireless and wired connection
Optical sensor with adjustable 200-2000 DPI

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Here comes the Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming mouse as one of the best mouse for Fortnite. With its durable construction and uniqueness, it is undoubtedly not going to disappoint you.

It features a high-performance optical sensor with 16000 DPI that ensures perfection and accuracy. Moreover, it offers sensitivity adjustments using DPI buttons, providing you with a reliable gaming experience.

This gaming mouse constitutes 16.8 million color options for more enhanced gaming. The ergonomic design makes it a top-notch choice for many gamers. Other than this, it has a battery life of 50 hours with lightning features disabled.

Inconvenient with fingertip trips
On fly DPI ranges and adjustments Weight tuning absent

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

View on Amazon

When looking for a compact and versatile best mouse for Fortnite, the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 stands on the top with its reliable features.

It is the latest model from the Finalmouse and is built-in with premium quality and design. The weight of a mouse has a beneficial impact on competing ability. This Lightweight mouse has more gliding ability and performance.

With an ultra-lightweight construction, Finalmouse weighs 47 grams that is the most beneficial benefit of this mouse. The structure and composition of this mouse remain the same while reducing the entire weight of the mouse.

This mouse's ergonomic design allows you to play for years flawlessly, making it the best mouse for Fortnite.

Patented honeycomb design for reducing weight Incredibly expensive
PMW optical high-quality sensor for pro-level gamers
Infinity skins for durable use
Ergonomic design for comfortable handling

HyperX Pulsefire Surge Optical Gaming Mouse

View on Amazon

The HyperX Pulsefire Optical Gaming Mouse is another topmost high-quality best mouse for Fortnite available in the market. Its versatile construction and innovative features make it a top choice of many pro-level gamers.

Moreover, it constitutes a Pixart optical 3389 sensor with up to 16000 DPI that will undoubtedly not disappoint you with its high performance. Other than this, there are massive stakes for ensuring easy gliding.

The light ring in this mouse allows 360-degree lightning RGB effects allowing the gamer to enjoy his gaming more efficiently. Thus this gaming mouse must buy the option if you want to enjoy a premium Fortnite gaming experience.

Durable optical sensor with 16000 DPI A little bulky for some people
Fancy RGB lightning with fantastic effects
50 million clicks with the versatile Omron switches
The onboard storage of customizations

Best mouse for Fortnite:  Buying Guide By Techies Classic

It is often daunting to settle on the best one once you have several top-notched esteemed models available within the market. It's still hard to tell which mouse is perfect. Now, what do you have to do? What could be the right way to make a decision? Well, no need to worry!

Before getting yourself into purchasing the best mouse for Fortnite, you need to consider some essential factors. Those factors include:

The style of the mouse

The foremost essential thing to consider before buying the best mouse for Fortnite is its style.  Style is something that makes every mouse different according to every person's taste. You will think about the stylistic features, form factor, and colors of the mouse before choosing it as a perfect mouse for you. Moreover, this feature is crucial, too, as it differs from each mouse from another.


Buttons are another critical factor you should keep in mind before purchasing the best mouse for Fortnite is its buttons. Generally, every mouse constitutes relatively standard buttons that are not enough for high-grade delivery performance. The best gaming mouse for Fortnite is offering versatile additional thumb buttons on the right and left. It is responsible for enhanced performance and key binds.

Working on sensitivity

Finding the best mouse for Fortnite is a difficult task. You have to make sure the mouse is built-in with high-quality to handle whatever you throw at it. It is the most necessary feature to consider as you have to use the mouse repeatedly for hours.

The models we have mentioned in our list are well-known for their high-grade performance and durable DPI. Moreover, they come with some great sensitivity which you can adjust according to your needs and desires from the Fortnite menu.

Ease of use features

This is a nearly vital thing to look upon. It would be best if you had to spend hours gaming while using your mouse. If the mouse is not easy to use, you won't be able to play efficiently. You must find a mouse that can provide anti-fatigue features and grips. The coating must be durable and with a comfortable or reliable finish.

Other accessory factors

You have to consider some accessory factors before buying the perfect mouse for Fortnite. Features such as lighting effects, lifespans, and other wireless factors must be considered before making a final decision. Go for the mouse with the full features you desire to get a comfortable yet worthy experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is Fortnite easier on PC or Console?

If you are a pro-level PC gamer, then it is easy for you to play on Console. PC gamers use a keyboard and a mouse for playing Fortnite games. They never rely on features like auto-lock as other games that use a controller.

On Console, you will only need to set the aim to reach the target. It's up to you which way you prefer more, but if you are a beginner, then PC is a more recommended option for you to play Fortnite.

Q) Is a lighter mouse better for a fortnight?

Many pro gamers in Fortnite usually use or desire low sensitivities. Generally, low sensitivities go best with the light gaming mouse. If the mouse is light, it will work quicker than you will move it, allowing the lower sensitivities effective to manage.

A heavy gaming mouse is not as reliable as the light one. It would be helpful if you went with a gaming mouse that is compact and lightweight.


If you desire to be on top of the game, you must have the best mouse for Fortnite. That is the reason pro gamers use the top quality mouse because they know it works. If you like to stay competitive, you must have the proper equipment along with you.

We know it is quite challenging to remember all the essential factors before buying the best mouse for gaming. Our top-picks mentioned above will help you in making the right decision. The products mentioned above in this article are durable and sturdy that will make your gaming experience worthy.

If you are confused in making a final decision, then you can take our recommendation. Our top-pick is Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse as the best mouse for Fortnite because of its durable design and innovative features. The high performance and built-in premium quality of this mouse are genuinely not going to disappoint you.

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