How to fix if the ASUS laptop keyboard not working?

How to fix if the ASUS laptop keyboard not working?

If your ASUS laptop keyboard is not working and you are looking for ways to make it work, you have come to the right page. We have all the issues along with their solutions covered in this guide. So, keep on reading to find the perfect answer to your problem and make that keyboard work!

Why are keyboards an important part?

The Keyboard is the key element of a laptop. They are essential since they are used to input letters, symbols, numerical, and much more. They also apply shortcuts and various other commands, such as moving up and down a page.

So if a person's laptop stops working, he will become deprived of many key functions. In fact, for many people, laptops are pretty much useless without the keyboard working. We realize this, which is why we have come up with many solutions.

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Restart your Asus Laptop

Before diving into much detail and trying out a complex solution, we will share an easy solution with you, which might solve your problem, and your Keyboard will start working.

Restart your ASUS laptop. If your laptop is overheated, let it cool and switch on. Other than this, if there is any USB device attached to the Keyboard, remove it to check if that USB device is affecting your Keyboard's performance.

Uninstalling any App

If you have recently installed any application, uninstall it as it might be why your laptop keyboard is not working.

Cleaning the ASUS laptop

Clean your laptop and switch it on after some time. Yes, that's right! If your laptop's Keyboard has dust and is dirty, it will not work.

Checking Asus Keyboard settings

Sometimes, unknowingly, we can change our keyboard settings, which are very important for their proper function. If the steps mentioned above do not work, try the method mentioned below, which will help revert any changes made to the keyboard settings by turning on and off the filter keys.

• Click on Settings in the Start Menu.

• Select "Ease of Access" from the options.

• Click on the optional Keyboard.

• Here, there will be an off button for the filter keys. Click on that.

• Now restart your ASUS laptop.

• Repeat the steps mentioned above, but turn on the filter keys this time.

Your Keyboard should now start working. If not, continue reading the guide.

Correction of date and time

Correct your date and time if incorrect since this can be the reason behind your problem. You can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

  • • The date and time are mentioned in the bottom right corner of your laptop. Right-click on it.

date and time

  • • Several options will appear. Choose the option which says "Adjust date/ time".

Adjust date n time

  • • Set the correct time and date after automatically turning off the set time and setting time zone and clicking on change.

This solution can also work if your Dell Laptop's Keyboard and Lenovo keyboard are not functioning.

Setting the correct region and location.

Ensure that your ASUS laptop's region and location are correct by following the below steps. This is because if any third-party app has changed your laptop's region and location settings, your Keyboard will fail to work.

  • Click on Settings in the start menu.
  • There will be a time and language settings button. Click on it.

time and language settings

  • Select region here. Fill in the appropriate region.

Select region here.

  • Then go back and select language. Choose the right language.

select language

This solution can be used for ASUS laptops and Dell and Lenovo laptops if Keyboard isn't working. If this solution doesn't work, try the next one.

Updating Keyboard's driver

Updating your Keyboard's driver might be the solution that works for you. Sometimes you need to update your laptop manually and make your Keyboard work. Read the steps mentioned below and  find out how to update a keyboard's driver:

  • Connect your laptop to a stable and secure internet connection.
  • Type in "Device Manager" in the Start Menu.
  • Look for Keyboards in the device manager and expand it.

  • Then, right-click on PS/2 Keyboard. Here you will find the updated driver. Click on it.

  • Select the option which allows windows to search the internet and computer for any latest driver software update.

 search the internet and computer

  • Your driver will now get updated. This procedure might take some time. After the update is completed, restart your ASUS Laptop.

Hopefully, your Keyboard will now be working.

Troubleshooting hardware

It might be an issue with your Keyboard's battery, so you must troubleshoot the hardware. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Switch off your laptop.
  • Now, take out the battery from the ASUS laptop.
  • After some while, connect the laptop with its charger directly without attaching the battery.
  • Reboot the laptop to check if the ASUS keyboard works.

Reinstalling keyboard driver

There might be a chance of your keyboard driver being damaged, which means it needs to be reinstalled. To perform this procedure, follow the given steps below:

  • Open the Control Panel in the Start Menu by searching for it.
  • Select the option Device Manager.
  • Here, there will be the Keyboard menu. Expand it.
  • You will see the Standard PS/2 Keyboard option. Right-click on it and choose to uninstall.
  • Once the keyboard driver is uninstalled, restart your laptop. The purpose behind restarting the laptop is so that your OS can reinstall the keyboard driver automatically.

Follow the next solution if this doesn't solve your problem.

Running the troubleshooting wizard.

This is one of our last solutions. Run the troubleshooting wizard to detect any problem with the Keyboard and solve it. The specialty of this wizard is that it shall detect any problem with the software and hardware that might be causing your Keyboard not to work. Following are the steps to run the troubleshooting wizard:

  • Open Troubleshoot Settings from the Start Menu by typing in troubleshoot.
  • To find and fix other problems, choose Keyboard.

  • Select "Run the troubleshooter.

The troubleshooting wizard will now detect any issue and solve it.

External Keyboard for Laptop

If in case, none of those mentioned above methods works, it's time for you to purchase a new keyboard and connect it to your laptop. Since there are so many external keyboards available, we checked them out with an Asus laptop and noted down the best for you along with their features:

1. VicTsing Keyboard

How to fix if the ASUS laptop keyboard not working?

VicTsing Keyboard

View on Amazon

This Keyboard will be better than your previous Keyboard and is extremely user friendly. All you will have to do is plug in the USB wire in the USB port of your laptop, and it will be good to use.


  • It comprises 104 keys.
  • The characters on the Keyboard are engraved via laser, which makes them durable.
  • The keycaps are made up of ABS.
  • The cable length is 5ft.
  • This Keyboard is spill-resistant, which means you can now eat and drink while using your laptop.
  • The Keyboard is lightweight, which means you can take the Keyboard along with the laptop wherever you go.
  • The Keyboard has special built-in foldable stands to set the Keyboard in such a way that you are comfortable and can easily type. With this kind of Keyboard, you will have fewer chances of repetitive strain injury.
  • There are 12 multimedia shortcuts in the laptop for easier and convenient use.
  • The company claims that the lifespan of the keystrokes is 10,000,000.

2. BFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

How to fix if the ASUS laptop keyboard not working?

BFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

View on Amazon

Coming in six different colours, this Keyboard is bound to take your heart away. It has a scissor key structure that is unique and will be adored by you when you try it out.


  • It has 105 keys.
  • The Keyboard comes in various colours so that you have the freedom to choose. It comes in pink, silver, white, green, black, and orange colours.
  • The Keyboard is not only lightweight but also ultra-thin, which makes it travel friendly.
  • The keys are low-profile, which allows you to use them in complete silence with peace.
  • This Keyboard comes with a movable tripod stand so that you can adjust the keyboard and type on it at an angle that you are comfortable with.
  • It is easy to keep it clean.
  • This Keyboard comes with five nonslip buttons, which will keep the Keyboard in place.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

3. ASUS ROG Strix Flare Aura Sync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

How to fix if the ASUS laptop keyboard not working?

ASUS ROG Strix Flare Aura Sync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

View on Amazon

If you’re a gamer and looking for a brand new gaming keyboard, this one is the perfect one for you. It's chic and trendy.


  • It has 108 keys.
  • It has aura sync RGB lighting, which lets you customize your board according to your liking.
  • This Keyboard allows you to design your badge according to your taste. You can do it with the help of a white vinyl sticker or even a marker so that your emblem glows.
  • It comprises Cherry MX RGB switches to take your gaming performance up a notch.
  • The integrated media controls will allow you to play much better.
  • The memory on the board allows you to save profile, which helps saves time.
  • It also has one USB 2.0 port.

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo Full-Sized Keyboard with Palm Rest and Comfortable Right-Handed Mouse

View on Amazon

Plugin the small USB in your laptop and use this Keyboard. It is designed so that you can comfortably use it for several hours without getting your hands tired. Moreover, it comes with a mouse as well.


  • It is wireless, which means that you will have a clutter-free area.
  • The Keyboard has a palm rest for your comfortable reason.
  • The keys make a very little sound when they are being used.
  • The Keyboard is spill proof but not water-resistant.
  • It has a battery life of 3 years, which is 26280 hours.


We hope you found this guide useful and that your problem was solved. We have tried out all the solutions mentioned here, and we can assure you that one of these is bound to work.

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