10 Things to Consider for Applicant Tracking System in 2023.

10 Things to Consider for Applicant Tracking System in 2023.

An applicant tracking system (or an ATS) lets you see exactly where your candidates are during the hiring process. These programs provide a bird's eye view of the hiring process and help you understand the finer points, such as touchpoints and speed-to-hire.

It's not easy to understand and evaluate recruitment technology. It cannot be easy to find the proper ATS for your business with so many tools available and over 200 different applicant tracking systems. 

We created "Choosing the Right ATS" to help you. It covers each n everything you need to know about ATS, including why you need one, what features to look for, and critical questions to ask during a demo.

What is an applicant tracking program?

Applicant tracking software is also called the application tracking system. Modern applicant tracking software allows HR professionals and hiring managers to simplify and streamline creating talent pools and managing their staff.

An ATS lets you screen, test, collect data, and schedule interviews. Also, you can call references to begin the onboarding process.

We start by giving an overview of an ATS and how it can help your company through the three stages of recruitment.

  1. Attract and Engage
  2. Interview and collaborate
  3. Offer and onboard

What's ATS?

An applicant tracking system (ATS), is a tool that corporate recruiters can filter through hundreds of resumes and identify qualified candidates. It records, ranks, scores, and resumes based upon keywords and relevant job titles.

An ATS is an intelligent investment. It increases hiring standards and saves the recruiter money. It will allow you to fill open positions faster by providing qualified candidates. You can also use ATSs to create a network that you can call for staffing needs in the future.

Why do I require an Applicant Tracking System?

It's no surprise that 75% use an Applicant tracking system to manage their recruitment and hiring. We will now dive into the reasons why an ATS is essential.

  • They manage and improve all aspects of the recruitment process
  • They can help you to find qualified candidates, which will result in better retention
  • They ensure compliance and reduce audit risk.
  • They can improve your brand and your candidate pool.
  • These save time and money. That's enough.

All applicant tracking systems will include information about potential candidates to assist people in making the best hiring decisions.

Management Candidate ProfilesCan you leave notes on candidate profiles? Is it possible to quickly scan candidate profiles to find the right talent? Your tracking must help you organize your candidates.

  • Incredible Customer Support

When applicant tracking systems are in place, it is crucial to offer customer service. Why? Customer support is essential if you need to act on a candidate quickly. How can you expect to move if something goes wrong?

You have high standards, and you can expect the same from your hiring solutions.

  • Applicant Search

Your applicant tracking system should help you find potential applicants. It doesn't matter whether your applicant tracking system allows you to search for keywords, names, or places.

  • Workflows to Recruitment

Are you able to use your ATS to improve your recruitment processes? Can you create your workflow without having to change your existing system? Ask about the product's workflows.

You can create your workflows or use one we have already started. Once you have hired someone, we can help you with other workflows. We can help you enroll your new employee in performance management software or onboarding courses.

  • Industry Thought Leadership

Are investors, owners, or creators of the applicant tracking system not considering what you do? It is possible for anyone to create software and then market it. They won't share any information.

If you're looking for an ATS with more features, it will be a great help. Take a look at the company's activities and how they produce literature you can use. Are they hosting webinars about hiring trends? Are they discussing hiring topics? It's possible to be sure that they aren't paying attention to what is most essential for you to.

  • The central hub for all communications

It is not easy to hire. Your applicant tracking system must have a central hub to handle all communications related to hiring. It is easy to keep all your information in one place, make quick decisions and get to know the entire team.

Without a central hub, you may have problems. It could cause everyone not to have the same information, leading to slower responses.

  • Application Status Tracking

The applicant tracking system should be accurate and up to date. Are they involved in the process? Is anyone still waiting for you to get back to them? Is it possible that they are ghosting you? An excellent ATS will enable you to track where candidates are and how they got there.

  • Archive of Job Openings

Are you curious to know when the last time someone hires for a job? Are you familiar with the job? Do you want to replicate it? You must ensure that the applicant tracking software you choose has a job opening archive. It will allow you to save all of your past openings.

This document can save, but it is better to have more.

  • Proven Success

What is the ROI of applicant tracking systems? If you are interested in finding out, these systems can be very effective. Some applicant tracking systems work better than others.

Consider your industry. The best ATS system for you may depend on your industry. Many ATS systems are available to track applicants for higher education, government applicant tracking system, and applicants to the public sector.


Assistance for On-boarding (and Beyond). It extends beyond applicant tracking systems. Your ATS can help prepare you for onboarding. The ATS can help you gather information about your new hires to ensure they make the most out of their training.

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